Spider watch spins up a web of time.

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

‘Spider’, as the name suggests, is inspired by a spiders web. It uses hexagonal rings, similar to a web, to display numbers in a concentric pattern.
There are 4 rings to the web each representing a digit, such as 07:45, read from the outside-in.

The design features a clear LCD screen so you can see right through the watch. There have been other designs in the past that we have shown on the blog using a similar ‘see-though’ idea – but unfortunately it was deemed technically impossible. Now, after some more research, we think there is a chance this could work.
There are still several technical hurdles to overcome with an idea like this, but an exciting possibility nonetheless.

37 thoughts on “Spider watch spins up a web of time.

  1. This watch is really beautiful!

    The reading system is inspired projects Heather and Sam, with special fonts.

    Shows if this is feasible, I tempted to buy it because it is really attractive.

    5 * / Yes.


  2. Luv it! That’s right up my alley πŸ™‚ Hexagonal, cryptic but simple, good looking. And the design is not too complex.

    I never knew, see-through LCD is technically difficult. I would have said “just let away the base layer” like
    here. I hope the display delivers a good conctrast against a “manly” wrist.

    But anyway, this is a great idea! 5*/YES 2012 please πŸ™‚


  3. This is a good news. If really work, you should update the on air too. Now this watch, is the best of its kind (ones that use special fonts) but I think this one is awesome enough without having the clear lcd. 10* yes.


  4. Translucent or not, this watch deserves more than its current score.

    I am already saving to buy it, until its next edition.


  5. oh Yeah. A new watch concept directly from the Tokyoflash studio design.

    Sleek design, I love that the case is transparent. If the digits will be visible in the dark, will be awesome. 5 stars and yes.


  6. i like the digits, and the theme – the clear lcd to make it look more like a real spiderweb…
    i’m just afraid that when produced, it would come out too large and clunky.
    i would like a slightly smaller version if possible.

    btw, these digits are very much like pete’s digit mkII design, only his hexagons were concave, while these are convex. i like that one a lot too, and one of the things i liked most about his version was the alternating colors for better reading clarity. (though i see why that would not necessarily fit the spider web theme you have going on here)

    have you considered a few extra connecting lines to make it a bit more webby? ..maybe make them dotted to differentiate them from the lines that are telling the time.


    • Thanks for spotting that Heather, I would have liked one of my digit designs to have made the blog before this as now it would look like I was inspired by this design. I also had a third design using a similar priciple called ridge. So all three are now a little redundent.


  7. Really a nice watch … different style of time telling machine … could you put some symbols of spider … using some vivid colors … and some animations … for spider ….


  8. If you could see your hairy wrist, it would certainly add to the spidery theme, reminiscent of creepy crawly hairy legs…….
    Jokes aside, I think if it had a translucent instead of transparent display it would be very good though.



  9. This is very cool, a cryptic and abstract way of telling the time. Very neat. I’m not sure, though, of the technical possibilities. Would it be sort of a liquid-crystal display sandwiched between two pieces of transparent plastic, or what?

    5* and a yes from me.


  10. Looks pretty neat, but question, is the whole section of the time glass is clear or 100% transparent? if the numbers are presented in a color, probably silver bright, or people would have a hard time seeing the lines because of skin color, i do have a latin tanned skin, and i dont know how it would look like., plus…. does it have a light in the concept?


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