2012 Blog Designs Progress Report

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

Firstly, let me apologise if we, “Tokyoflash” haven’t been giving enough feedback & response on the blog. The reason is that we are just really, really busy. To give you some idea, at the time of writing, there are about 30 watch designs at various stages of development.

Secondly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent in a design, contributed to or commented on the blog. We are so pleased that you guys have made this the best watch design blog we have ever seen. There are literally hundreds of awesome ideas pouring in from all over the world and people are even building new friendships though their passion for design.

Today we’d like to give you some news on what’s happening this year as well as a quick glance back at the designs that have already been brought to reality to date.

So far, four fan submitted designs from the blog have become reality: James’s RPM, Tynan’s Kaidoku, Scott’s Seven and Iskender & Adilet’s On Air.

All have been very popular, Kaidoku is on its second production run, Seven sold out within a few weeks (it is coming back soon we promise), RPM continues to be popular & there have been many variations made. On Air is the latest concept to reality and is doing very well too.

As you know, all designers receive commission on their designs and i’m sure they are all very pleased with the results so far. Well done guys!

Looking forward to 2012, as mentioned above, there are about 30 designs in progress. These are a mixture of blog submissions & our own designs.

Some of them are definitely being made, some of them are in the research & development stages – meaning that we are experimenting on how to get them to work, some are still on the drawing board and some are in discussion.

All the watches we make are a technical struggle. Although the technology exists, it’s almost always never been done in this way or in a size small enough for a wrist watch. For example: when developing Kisai Seven, finding a battery that could power an always on light-up function whilst having enough battery life between charges was a real challenge, especially when size limitations and cost had to be considered.

Below we have posted a selection of designs from YOU. All these designs are being considered for the future. This is not an exhaustive list, there are more in review.

Some of the designs below are almost certainly being made. Some of them are being researched, some are just being considered.

If your design is shown below, congratulations. We are taking your idea seriously. At this stage we are not promising it will be made, but we are very interested. As mentioned there are more selections also, not just these ones, so bear that in mind.

Thanks again for your efforts in contributing to the blog and we look forward to receiving more fantastic ideas and bringing them to reality in 2012.

In no particular order…

Adjust by Nico (Netherlands)

Codex a collaboration by Firdaus (Malaysia) & Heather (USA)

Crypto Lite by Lloyd (Australia)

Plasma Globe by Jobby (France)

Day Watcher Cruiser by Firdaus (Malaysia)

Cross Section by Andy (Ukraine)

L-Bar by Laszlo (Hungary)

Out of Order a collaboration by Sam (Germany) and Heather (USA)

Dot-to-Dot a collaboration by Peter (UK) and Sam (Germany)

Uzumaki by Firdaus (Malaysia)

Sound Sensitive by Sam (Germany)

Honorable mentions also go to Anders for his Kelp design, Cory for his Aqua design and Patrick for his Twist design. Although these didn’t make the cut this time, we felt they had an element of design or technology that had potential.

25 thoughts on “2012 Blog Designs Progress Report

  1. Thanks TF for the update, there is a nice selection above you are considering! Best of luck with the reserch and development stage, lets hope the majority are feasible! 😀


  2. Thank you so much for posting this, and for being more of a presence on the blog recently.
    I think in general, we all acknowledge that you have quite a lot of work already on your plate, so it is greatly appreciated that you have been taking some time to give us a bit of feedback. 🙂
    For me, see this sort of “progress update” is a morale booster – motivation to keep putting in the effort, knowing that our ideas and designs are being taken seriously.


  3. all of these watches are great, but if you guys make the “plasma globe” i’ll be your best friend 😛
    seriously though, i would buy that in a second!

    runner up is “uzumaki”

    on a side note….
    why isn’t sams “cypher” design in here??
    it’s scored a 4.9 and (imho) is one of the best designs i have ever seen here.


  4. nice choices, but there are a few missing that i hope you considered as well, it must have been a hard choice to make


  5. Hmmmm look at the >already made< image up there… and the series continues! This is so exciting! One has to speak it out: Tokyoflash produces fanmade watches!

    About the blog… yeah it's awesome isn't it? So many interpretations of time telling! I know, paper media isn't that popular anymore but I still dream of a TF book. That could contain blog entries and an A to Z of a produced watch (if even possible due to copycats out there).

    Your current presence here lights us up! Discussing, researching, making… yes you're busy indeed. The 2012 list is very cool. On one hand, yeah such a list cannot be long enough. On the other hand, wow what a selection! 30 designs in progress? That's what I call a resolution, hehehe. A Sam once said: 2012 will rock.



    • Here Here! This blog is one of a kind and I love seeing all the different ideas, even the most outlandish ones. A year book would be cool wouldn’t it?


  6. Cheers for the honorable mention! Although I wouldn’t have expected to get one for Kelp, it’s much appreciated.


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  8. Out of Order is without question, a Day Zero purchase for me. Actually, while I am waiting, I am going to make an app for it for my phone…because it is just so brilliant 🙂


  9. Thanx TF for considering my design Cryptolite. However, I’m really glad you mentioned Patrick’s watch. I thought that was such a cool idea. It really appeals to me and if I were a watch manufacturer I would definitely make it. Anyway, I thought I’d just say that. Be great if every designer got at least one watch made in the next 12 months. TF is The Future for watches.


  10. Hello, Thanks TF team for keeping us updated ! Glad to see my design in this list, and really pleased to know that many of these could become true this year. I’m looking forward to see the next “concept to reality” !


  11. This isn’t directly related to this post, but is the watch seven still sold out? I just put in an order for one to give my boyfriend for valentines day, and I didn’t see anything about it being sold out until I read this :/. Have you been able to start producing them again?


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