Radar Pulse watch pings the time, captain.

Design Submitted by Paolo from the Netherlands.

Paolo says: Like everyone else I encountered the fact that time can be an enemy or friend. This concept reflects this idea. Radar is used to detect any intruding objects and establishes them to be friend or foe.

Like with radar, you send out a signal (pulse),to discover objects. In this case, the hands of time represented by a small dot more near the center (hours) and a larger dot further from the center (minutes). The pulse is activated by touching the center circle.

I think the design is stylish and can be worn in any environment. The fact of time being friend or foe is something encountered on a daily basis. I assume people who are familiar with radar are attracted to the concept.

I think the fact you need to send out a pulse to discover time makes it special. It is exciting to see what happens.

25 thoughts on “Radar Pulse watch pings the time, captain.

  1. great concept! not feminine of course, so I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but I can see a lot of guys going for it! 😉


  2. Velkommen til bloggen

    Jeg elsker det, hvad design, den er enkel en intuitiv, en eller anden måde minder mig om et design, jeg var præstationen i aftes …

    Jeg synes, det ligner mere plads galakse end en radar, hmmmm


  3. This is a nice addition to a popular theme. I love the simple elegent form and clean display. The two tone colour scheme is nice. I would definately buy this and wear it with pride but the question is if I had to choose between this and Sam’s Special forces watch which would it be? Thats a difficult one, but either way this is worth a 5 and Yes in my book! 😀


  4. Hi Paolo,
    Your design is very futuristic, with a unique concept. I like the seamless case, and the display. Sorry, I agree with heather, doesn’t look at all feminine. Another colour scheme would fix that!



  5. A long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away) Tokyoflash did have a Radar watch. Unfortunately it never made it past the sample stage. It wasn’t the same as this design though. It used a rotating arm, like a submarine sonar, which then left 2 blips.


  6. BADASS!

    love the way its displayed would like to see it in different colors.

    like the whole round band, no pionching no hairgrabbing 😀


  7. To all of you,
    Thanks a lot for the very nice comments! I didn’t expect the design to be posted though, because as some of you already mentioned, the radar theme is not unique. (for me to discover after posting the design :0). It was the first thing that popped up in my mind when thinking of a cool watch. I just hope a lot of people will like this twist to the theme.


  8. Sweet design! Nice and stealthy. Dimishes the split between jewelry and watches. Would I buy it? Let me know when it is available!!!


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