Mechanical Watch Design Turns Time Forward

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This mechanical watch design would require a large case and a reliable locking mechanism to ensure the cylinders lock on to the correct time. Three cylinders would rotate to reveal the time by digits (hours, 10 minute group and single minutes). A steampunkesque concept that would look incredible on your wrist.

The wrist watch would have a USB rechargeable battery to power the mechanical cylinders and separated miniature stepper motors for each ”glow in the dark” cylinders. “Glow in the dark cylinders” I hear you ask? Laszlo’s idea is to use self-luminous glow-in-the-dark paint, which is non-toxic and will stay bright for 20 years on the cylinders. This means that the watch cylinders would glow brightly as they turn retaining the spirit of a many watches at Tokyoflash Japan that use light.

The time would be “always on” and is simple to read as it is in a digital format. If you’d like to see this concept become reality, vote and leave feedback in the comments section below.


29 thoughts on “Mechanical Watch Design Turns Time Forward

  1. I told you this would hit the blog soon!
    I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one on the blog, since we saw your preview on fb.
    Very nice work, simple but very effective. I love the use of the numbers on the glass and a coloured background on the cylinders! The animation looks fantastic. A nice direction change for you Laszlo! Keep up the good work! 5+ stars and hell Yes! 🙂


  2. Oh yes, material variants! I take the IP black one. Laszlo, three cylinders? That’s just great! So simple and clever – I like it that way. 5*/YES/good luck


  3. smart laszlo! instantly loved the time reading. if the case would be less chunky and more elegant, the watch would be perfect. the brass leather combination is amazing! *****/YES


  4. I know full well by now that the ratings play a very small part and are not that significant but that said 3.3 is rediculous for this imaginitive concept! should be 4+ in my book!


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