Tsumu watch stacks numbers to build time.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: This watch design is called “Tsumu” after the Japanese word meaning “to stack”.

Instead of having 4 relatively small digits displayed beside each other, as with conventional digital watches, I thought it might be fun to make them much larger and of different shades, colours and thicknesses and stacked on top of each other so that, while they might still be easily recognizable to the initiated, they might just seem like a meaningless array of colourful shapes to everyone else. That said, the time and date can be displayed as an animation by pressing the appropriate button twice, so that the digits are revealed one after another in order from the bottom to the top.

The strap is made from a man-made material and there are 2 buttons for displaying the time and date. The watch is USB rechargeable via a computer.

Anyone who likes retro and modern looking watches and maybe wants to wear something a little bit different.

This idea is original and would be easy to make in all sorts of colours.

There is also an animation for this watch which you can view here: VIEW ANIMATION [3MB]

32 thoughts on “Tsumu watch stacks numbers to build time.

    • Hi Robert,
      I also have a design submitted that has some simularites to the maze design.
      It like Lloyd’s design is different enough not to be an issue I think.
      When someone does a block led watch we dont get loads of links saying that it is the same as xxxx, or an analogue watch or LCD etc etc. All watches have simularities! they all tell the time, they all have straps, they all have a form of display etc etc. Unless a design is blatent copy is it really necessary to link anything that has any simularities?


  1. I love it because it is colourful, looks complicated, but is really easy to read, and the time is constantly visible. It’s a winner!


  2. Hi Lloyd,
    we all know that designs with “stacked numbers” have already been around but this does not detract from yours.
    It has some simularities to one of mine too but its different enough imho not to be an issue.
    TF didn’t see it as being an issue.
    Also I think if a handful of designers find a common theme it suggest the theme has merit!
    Its criptic but easy to read, colourful and fun 5* and Yes


  3. I like what Andy does, but this variant with numbers stacked of Mushy, is readable and interesting and all that deserves a good 5 * and Yes encouragement!


  4. Ok first of all, yes, there is a certain resemblance to the concept of Andy (that one was underrated imho) but the differences are big enough to be a stand-alone concept. This one can be read easily 🙂

    I like the idea of stacking numbers on top of each other. I also have some scribbles in my sketch book for such. The execution here is pretty nice. I like the color scheme (two similar colors, one counterpoint-ish color and white), looks nice and is not disturbing the time reading. I would have wished a 10:30 or any other time that starts with a 1. I also like the consequent usage of rounded rectangles from the numbers until the minimalistic case. I’m not sure how to make the display – which technology would be cheap enough, but that’s something for later. Now I say, it’s a cool artistic concept, 5*/YES!


  5. i like lloyd’s take on this concept. I do find it different and more readable than andy’s version. It’s a good effort. 5*.
    i do prefer peter’s twist on the concept which I feel makes it even easier to read and more unique. I’ll comment more on that when I see it on the blog…


      • I can only speak for myself here, but I look thro the blog and google all “my ideas” before submitting but I have missed a few designs that share simularities, its easily done. But more importantly just becase two designs have simularities doesn’t make either invalid unless one is a blatent copy, which im sure would never happen as their is no point or gain to copying. Lloyd’s design has pro’s and cons as does Andy’s they are both different enough to co-exist on this blog!, if they weren’t TF would not post them.


  6. Most innovations start with an old idea and add to it, some develop as an antithesis to another idea as a reaction to it. Often more than one person will come up with a similar theme simultaneously, just because an idea has reached its time, and reading some of the posts here illustrates that.

    Digits are digits, and you could highlight similiarities between most of the ‘digital’ displays here if you wanted to be picky! The same goes for watches with hands!!!

    It is wonderful seeing the great variety of diverse expressions on one idea……a timepiece………so are all these ideas stolen form the first watchmaker!?!? I think not!

    If people want to criticise, they should make a valid comment, and not be nasty.
    For the most part this is a friendly and encouraging community of creative people, and that is just the way it should be.

    I think anonymous posting here could be a big mistake. If people’s votes were added to their comment in future, and if a comment would need to be added in order to vote, the voting here would be much more realistic, and less likely to be unfairely manipulated.

    Have a good day everyone.


  7. This watch is cool, it’s easy to read and different from other watches I have seen. I want it to be made now!!


  8. I love the color scheme of this design. The cool, pastel color choices are easier for the eyes to navigate the design than if pure, primary colors were used. The stacked numbers takes a few moments to understand, but it’s a nice surprise once I figure out how to read it.

    I’m not sure what’s the big hullabaloo is about. Although Andy and LLoyd’s watches have similarities, many aspects of the design are sincerely different to the discerning and analytical eye. This is foremost a place to host different watch DESIGNS, and this particular watch is indeed different from that of Andy’s submitted a year ago.

    I support this watch wholeheartedly. A 5 for me!


  9. *****/YES! keep the concepts coming lloyd. I like the way you think (except arashi).

    I looked and the concept of andy. it makes my eyes hurt. similarities are unintentional I guess. in the end the better one wins and I choose this one.


  10. Acording to the computer this is about to RIP, Its a shame it didn’t get a fairer chance to be judged on its own merit! So all that is left to do is wich you the best of luck with this design.


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