Arciform LCD watch uses classic 12-5-9 method.

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: Circles are typical aspects of most timepieces. Using ovals seems more chic. I wanted to create a mirrored LCD watch with an angular case, and very futuristic, organic arc as its read out.

This is a 12-5-9 watch, with the hours marked in an oval coincidental with a normal clock face. The two arcs in the center mark minutes, with five ten minute markers, and nine single minutes. Minute markers for +5 and +30 are marked differently for recognition.

Tokyoflash Japan fans who appreciate a contrast between angular shapes and organic arcs would enjoy this watch concept.

This design strikes a balance between the angular and the curvaceous. Buttons on either side of the case punctuate the stainless steel watch with their semi-gloss finish.

25 thoughts on “Arciform LCD watch uses classic 12-5-9 method.

  1. I like this Cory, Its very striking to look at, but very feasible. The time reading takes a little getting used to but easy enough. Loving the angular case!. The only difference I would like to see and its a subjective thing is: I would be tempted to add a rad to two corners of the display (top left and bottom right) just to reduce the blank area of the screen but to also help tie in the display to the case. But this is a preference/development thing thing. Very Hot and Toykyoflashy! 5* and Yes


    • I like the suggestion of angular bits to transition the eye from the curves to the angles. Great feedback, and thanks for reposting on FB, Pete!


      • Another thought along the same lines would be to have an am/pm indicator in one of the ’empty’ corners. (Top left, to balance the weight a bit?)


  2. Considered as hot range of design. Original, looks expensive and super sentai. The display is quite creative too, but I believe the rotation position can be adjusted to be more user friendly, I mean if you wear the watch on your left wrist, you can easily see the display without having to move your hand, vice versa. Interested.

    Tokyoflash Ni multicolour LED
    Sensai Black
    Twelve 5-9 Q version black
    Shinshoku / Corrosion
    Kisai RPM Acetate granite
    Kisai Kaidoku black+blue LCD
    Kisai Seven white LED


    • I’m always happy when one of my designs pleases Firdaus the Skeptic. πŸ˜‰

      Minor alterations to make the watch work on both Righties and Lefties would not be out of the question, I think. Making the design more palatable is my desire.


    • I can see that, It is a stark contrast, I didn’t expect everyone to like every aspect. Thanks for your feedback and honesty πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for the endorsement!

      I honestly thought this design would do a bit better than it has. Oh, well. Way she goes, boys. It’s the way she goes.


  3. omfg that stealth watch rocks! the display doesn’t fit quite well in my opinion. the time reading and the shapes look cool, but the display shouldn’t be round. if it were more edgy like the case, it would be perfect that’s the only flaw. ****/YES


    • Several have proposed alterations to blend the angular case with the rounded display.

      I have done so, and this is the result.

      This should have been how the images above were submitted to the blog, as it transitions much better IMO.


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