Arashi watch causes a storm on your wrist.

Watch design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: This watch design is called “Arashi” after the Japanese word meaning “storm”. It was inspired by a number of things, including the phrase “Time is an abstract concept”, modern art and, of course, thunderstorms!

The strap is made from a man-made material and there are 2 buttons for displaying the time, date and thunderstorm animation. The watch is USB rechargeable via a computer.

The time and date are displayed in a simple but slightly unusual way. The 4 lightning bolts in the display are made up from straight lines that can be illuminated individually. The number of illuminated lines in each lightning bolt gives the corresponding digit in the 4-digit time or date. In addition, when the watch is in “time mode” one of the 5 circles, which serve to simulate raindrops hitting the ground, is illuminated every 10 seconds until all of them are lit. When exactly 60 seconds has elapsed the 5 illuminated circles go out.

A fun thunderstorm animation can be played by pressing both buttons together once.

Anyone who likes art, nature and fun gadgets.

It’s original, colourful and eye-catching.

There is also an animated GIF of this watch in action. View animation in new window [4MB]

19 thoughts on “Arashi watch causes a storm on your wrist.

  1. Very creative looking clock!

    I did a quick report of Tokyoflash Japan for my school, activity online was looking pretty good! Continue with the good job.


  2. A thunderous piece of art, and practical for telling the time too. Extremely original display, and I love the raindrops.


  3. Lloyd, I think this design is very attractive and unique. Great job again!
    It does not look at all like a timepiece, but is quite easily readable without too much counting.
    I love the idea of a multicolor display and an animation to show groups of 10 seconds – very abstract.
    I like the black one best. If this is “always on”, I would buy it. 5*


  4. While Lloyd’s previous design requires strict adherence to 45 degree angles and squares, this puzzle is more playful and expressive. But inherent in all of his puzzles, Lloyd includes a sensible pattern that inspires an “Aha!” moment that gives a happy jolt to both hemispheres of the brain.

    THESE are the puzzles are the ones I adore the most–the ones with a magical blend of patterns and colors, logic and art that truly inspires. A nice gift for the curious, the creative, and the geniuses.

    5 all the way. Keep up the good work!


  5. This is amazing design and has the feel of Tokyoflash at the first glance. The multicolour display and creative jagged display make it looks very interesting and not boring. I’d love to see this watch comes to reality, and I believe it deserves it.

    Tokyoflash Ni multicolour LED
    Sensai Black
    Twelve 5-9 Q version black
    Shinshoku / Corrosion
    Kisai RPM Acetate granite
    Kisai Kaidoku black+blue LCD
    Kisai Seven white LED


  6. i would prefer less colors, less disorder and less counting. I’m not much into this part of modern arts, but there is a market for it, so good luck! ***/:'(


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