Blog reader builds his own LED clocks.

Design submitted by Gabriel from Romania.

Here is a different kind of time-telling design. On this blog we are used to seeing lots of wild and imaginative concepts, so its refreshing to see someone actually making it!

Take a look at what Gabriel built.

Gabriel says: I’m an electronics technician ( I design aircrafts simulators) and on of my hobbies is to design / build LED clocks (desktop – wall ).

This is an unique handmade digital LED clock. With its simple and elegant design make any room or office look modern! This clock provide a precise, clear and high reliability display of time in hours and minutes. It use four large and bright red LED displays being easy readable in any lighting condition. This clock will make your working-living experience enjoyable. It will also make a powerful impression as a gift! This product is visually pleasing as well as functional.

These clocks are design for modern offices / houses, with their minimalist design they are eye-catching gadgets.

The desktop ver. looks build from a single piece of solid acrylic, the wall ver. looks more aircraft cockpit instruments.

13 thoughts on “Blog reader builds his own LED clocks.

  1. This is excellent. With your talent and expertise, you can even build more interesting prototype clocks and propose to a china company for mass production. Thank you for sharing this with us. Gave a good day.


  2. Wow! Cool! You’re an electrical engineer? I’m on computer engineering technology and this look’s like something I could possibly wire up, but making the LED clock numbers, I might have trouble doing this still.


    • Electronics Technician, to wire up it’s easy, no problem, but the housings for desktop ver. it’s not easy at all.


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