BLOX watch turns time into a game.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA and Sam from Germany.

Heather & Sam say: BLOX is an LCD watch inspired by the popular and often quoted videogame Tetris. The basic idea is that we let each game block represent a number and create a playful time display.

The display is to be made up of three blocks. There are 13 different blocks that represent the “digits” from 0 through 12. Each block is like an extremely abstract analog watch hand. Take the 1, for example. It points up, but then it takes a step right. Just like the 1 is one step right from the 12 on an analog watch. All L-shaped blocks work that way – always one step ahead or behind the prominent times (12, 3, 6, 9). The prominent times are shown by the T-shaped blocks. They “point” up to the 12, right to the 3, down to the 6, or left to the 9. A zero is indicated by a 2×2 square block.

There are three time reading modes. The “easy” analog-based time reading shows the three digits of time successively with the helping numbers around the display as a guide. We acknowledge the learning curve, so we recommend practice in this mode, as it is worth the effort. Once you get used to the “digits”, you can use the 3-in-a-row-mode. All three digits are now seen at once. Since there are no helping numbers, you have an interesting display that is very confusing to the untrained eye. The hardest time mode is the falling-blocks-mode. All three digits fall down automatically each minute and rest on a pile at the bottom of the display. That pile shrinks regularly to keep the display diversified. This mode is only considered “harder” because now you are reading digits that are no longer aligned in one row. Once the display is overloaded, it resets. There is of course a game mode. Four buttons provide the sufficient control.

The display is made of a bright base layer underneath a simple LCD dot matrix that can be set to be always on.

This is a watch for gamers, especially fans of Tetris. But independently from that, if you like a big playfully encrypted time display in a stylish and simple watch, BLOX could suit you well.

BLOX is fun!

31 thoughts on “BLOX watch turns time into a game.

  1. Good morning.

    +I love the look of the display, and fun of evergreen game theme time telling method. Different difficulty modes, interesting.

    -However, I’m neither too lonely nor too genius to play this extra fun just to tell the time.

    Nice cooperation, but I’m afraid to say that the result is too complicated. I’d be honest, 4* and No from me pal. Hope the rest will love it. Goodluck to both of you.

    Oh well, awesome presentation.


    • No problem Fir. We appreciate honest comments. We knew, it won’t be everyone’s taste and degree of difficulty. So we expanded the experience by giving the opportunity to learn (or to get used to it). Thanks for your comment and for your luck wishing 😀


  2. I dont think the digits in a row mode is too difficult.
    At first I was really confused how this watch works & usually I am quite quick to learn with TF watches.
    But then, after some thought, I got it!
    Now it seems really simple & logical. for a TF watch I would say its Medium difficulty … & some people like that.

    Anyway, the watch could easily have a ‘super easy’ mode where the blocks are just digits 5:37 & then everyone is happy.


    • First of all thanks for taking the time to get learn. It’s really required. That’s the experience we hoped to achieve. The super easy mode is a good idea, thanks for telling. Here you have it: super easy! 🙂


  3. te la mamasstee!!!! pretty cool, simple, i love it!!! 5 definitively YES!! i want one, please take this design TF!!! 7ron design isnt as cool as this one and you took it!! ccoomee oon!!!!


  4. Wowzas! cool stuff coming from these collaborations. I dig it. Bit difficult at first, and I would definitely keep it on ‘easy’ mode, but who doesn’t LOVE Tetris? Buzz-killington, that’s who. 5/y! GL!


    • Woohoo thank you Cory! Yeah, its a classic that influenced generations! At least two 🙂 It’s good, you found your mode. You will see, if you keep it on ‘easy’ mode for a year and then try out the other ones, just for fun, it could work for you.


  5. wow, this is really an awesome idea – tetris is an all-time classic game, and it’s really cool to co-opt it into your watch design like this. I would love to have this watch! the game mode is difficult, but extremely cool!


  6. So that I love is just great, the game married to the modern collector, it’s necessary to réalize this watch TKF “Please” 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. I love this concept – gaming aspect is great and the dispay looks awesome and the different time methods add to the fun. Personally (from a Tetris addict’s POV) I would want to be able to play the game too? I would definately buy it, although would be hoping its not too big for my girly wrist. 😀


    • Thank you Pete!

      And also thanks to all who shared their thoughts. It’s a fun watch with a difficulty you can pick and it seems it works fine 🙂 No matter what happens to this concept (we’re crossing our fingers!), it’s not the last time you heard/read about Heather & Sam.


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