Recycle Time – An LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Eric from the USA.

Eric says: “I wanted a simple but unconventional way of telling the time.  The recycling logo is an interesting starting point for this idea and also carries a message of supporting sustainability through recycling.

The design is simple, it is the recycling sign in the form of time blocks.  The arrows point in the direction in which the time is normally read: 9:45 for example, you first read the hour, then the tenth place of minutes (4) and then the ones place of the minutes (5).

The LCD display is split into 3 regions, the left shows the hour, with 6 blocks of 1 and 1 block of 5 for displaying from 1-12.  It points to the right which displays the 10’s place of the minute, each block is 10.  The right region points to the bottom which shows the ones place of the minute, 5 blocks of 1 and 1 block of 5.  In addition, the right region also shows seconds in terms of 10 second increments.  The main watch display is in LCD which allows the watch to be read in day light.  There is also an LED backlight for the dark.

Anyone who are into unusual watches will be interested in wearing this watch.  Also people who care about the environment due to the message of recycling which the design is based off of.

It stands out from other designs in that it is an LCD watch design as opposed to the more power consuming LED watch design.  It packs all the needed information about time into a simple and elegant format.  The way the blocks are arranged creates a very futuristic image as well.”


8 thoughts on “Recycle Time – An LED Watch Design

  1. The case is too unrealistic to make, but the screen and display is totally awesome nobody has even done one like that before I love it. The display is actually damn epic and on a standard case (nightvision?) This watch would be one of the coolest LCD watches on here!! If TF makes this i would buy it


    • Thanks, actually the case is really just something i threw together last minute but the display is really what i wanted to push


  2. When I saw the thumbnail on fb I thought this was a TF design watch, has their style about it.
    I quite like the case, its refreshingly different. The display is cool, looks interesting for a blocks display method. Me Likey 5 stars and why not! 🙂


    • yea i dunno lol.. maybe cuz its LCD based. honestly ive always wanted a cool LCD based watch from TF because i owned an LED one and the batteries got drained in less than 3 months =/


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