Analog and Digital watch in One Watch Design

Design submitted by Denise from the Philippines.

Denise says: “I wanted to create a minimalist watch that would look sophisticated and cool at the same time”.

This watch design tells time by using the outer circler to indicate the hour.  As the hour changes, so does the position of the circle.  The same happens with the second circle which tells the first digit or tenth digit of the minute.  The number digit in the center tells the base minute.


16 thoughts on “Analog and Digital watch in One Watch Design

  1. creative time-telling idea — easy to read. I like how thin it is, and all black is nice. I would prefer if the lit up parts of the display were all the same color – I don’t see a necessity for different colors, but if so, I don’t like the red with the cyan. Maybe cyan with another shade of blue, or violet? …And there is no explanation for the seven small circles along the bottom of the display…maybe I’m confused?


  2. Nice combination of display styles, simple elegeny design, clear and clean looking with a futuristic look. Me likey 5 stars and Yes (ps a time example would be useful)


  3. Welcome to the blog Denise! Mhhh nice concept…

    + it’s flat
    + the way, the straps are attached. nice to look at, probably nice to feel
    + the material. chrome&black♥
    + the usage of complementairy colors. Like a little pop art, hehehe.
    + time reading. a mix of analog and digital? very nice variant! It’s 2:11 right? I hope so 😛 What are the seven circles on the bottom for? Time zone indicator? Mode indicator? Or just fun to add to the rational display?

    – nothing really bad to tell

    Hm I also hade the feeling, some more time examples would be nice.

    To be honest, this design might not beat other watches I rated 5* but I support it with 5*/YES cause I like the minimalistic, slightly confusing but really easy time reading and I would definitely but it at a good price. And as we can see at the Seven, TF can make good prices 🙂 Good luck Denise!


    • I don’t know what kind of TV’s you have in your house, but this certainly doesn’t look like a TV….its clean, simple and sleek, an epic design.


  4. The shape of the watch is excellent, sophisticated and distinct from other designs. The display is not as exciting to me, but I hope we will see more from Denise.


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