Positive Negative LCD Watch Design

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

This artistic concept watch design has an LCD display showing a combination of positive and negative shapes that combine to show time time digitally. At first glance, the display might appear to be an arrangement of cryptic shapes but when your eyes adjust you can see the time at a glance.

The design also features a date mode that can be read in the same way and the display could come in additional color options to suit different tastes. An animation is also programmed to add a retro-computer feel to the design.


11 thoughts on “Positive Negative LCD Watch Design

  1. + geometry, simple but distinguished
    + display, looks interesting and is easy to read.

    – nothing bad to tell actually, woohoo.

    I have an idea to make it look more cryptic. How about letting the middle segment of the numbers be double the thickness? So the halfs (because the get cut from the negativeness) has the same thickness as the rest of the number’s segments. Why would one do this? Because each half number would look more independent, more like an own little symbol that you can’t read alone but only with the negative counterpart. Right now it’s a bit too obvious, the digital numbers are cut into two halfs. You know what I mean? And it would look more harmonic. My taste though 😉

    Anyway, this could be made at a good price and it’s so simple and effective! 5*/YES


  2. Its definately a very cool simple display. Easy to read and the animation looks great… makes me think there could be scope to alternate between the conventional time reading and a much more difficult “bar code” style time reading. Overall the funky colours and shapes would lead me to buy it.. 5* obviously.


  3. Tokyoflash has the best relation between effectively confusing people, actual ease of time reading after some time and feasability. This concept could be in the shop already if you ask me.


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