Striped LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Inspired by the Kisai Denshoku watch, this watch design has LEDs lined vertically to tell time in three phases.

Once activated, the LEDs light up to show the hours, second the ten minute group, and the third phase shows the single minutes.

The strap uses a sturdy plastic material that makes the watch lightweight yet durable.


14 thoughts on “Striped LED Watch Design

  1. I love the animation, and the design continuity that the band texture brings to the whole timepiece. The band reminds me of the material used on conveyor belts, and even drive belts for certain motors.


  2. I like the look of this watch, I like the continuity between display and strap. Very slick looking.
    I still have a personal issue with phases, and this takes a little while to display the seperate phases, and by the time we get to the end I forgotton the first number.
    5 stars for case and styling, 3 stars for display. Overall average for me is 4 stars.
    On a separate note great rendering as per usual 🙂


  3. Very nice simple styling and eye catching animation.. Rumours are the new 7ron watch will actually let u upload yourself to your computer!


  4. I don’t like the designs with a bunch of lines bunched up together. It makes me wonder, “Is that 7 or is that 8… let me see, one, two, three…” There should be graphic differences between numbers. When 7 looks too much like 6 and 8, the watch loses readability. I vote no on this.


  5. I do not think this style to write a comment. What you wrote is disgusting. If you can not normally given to comment, keep your opinion.


  6. it looks nice, but i don’t really like it.
    i’m just not a fan of the watches that make you “wait” to tell the time.
    i don’t like Keisan or Denshoku either.

    i just wanna be able to look down at the watch, and till the time instantly.


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