Colony – Lines of Time LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is an LCD watch with always on display and changeable backlight colors.

Time and date are selectable when pressing the button.  12 big rectangles indicate the hours or the months and 72 (31) small rectangles indicate the minutes or days of the month.

Easy to read and fun LCD colors to play with.


20 thoughts on “Colony – Lines of Time LCD Watch Design

  1. Nice simple display, clean looking case, changeable backlights.
    Cant find much wrong with this one, and very Tokyoflashy to boot!
    Nice work Laszlo 5* and Yes


  2. Great display – easy to read, but just complicated enough to confuse non-initiatives. However, one issue – the display is too big – I’d prefer a smaller face…


  3. Hey … Seems like your signature style … great one … changeable backlights are really a fresh concept … definitely find space in watch lovers heart …. nice work …


  4. + clean, simple geometry. I totally support such!
    + color changing backlight. Diversion for the win!
    + execution 🙂 Looks convincing.
    + graphical display looks interesting…
    + fashionable

    – “just” a flat screen… I liked this one: because of the relief. Maybe some horizonal relief ind the glass? Mhhhhhhh
    – I prefer reading to counting. Needed to mention that, although I’m open to other things too.
    – not a milestone like Laszlo’s traditional work 😉

    If it were in the shop, I’d buy it. Although it’s not a brand new idea, it’s still different from available designs.


  5. 4.8, are you f’cking kidding me? This watch is almost as boring as the inafu. Classic style? No, it’s a lame iPhone clone with a retro display. Color changing display doesn’t change anything. When do you see the colors? Like ten times a day, wow. Boring rectangles that have to be counted. That’s never worth 4.8! I have the feeling, Laszlo has 100 friends who like to vote for him, but are too lazy to leave a comment. Sorry if I sound rude, but this is a farce.


  6. Dear friends, strangers, and AcanthaceousShrike,
    Thanks for your votes, your rates and taking the time to share your thoughts.



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