Cyberpunk Strap LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Scott from UK.

Scott says that he loves all kinds of sci-fi imagery and that includes cyberpunk.  He came up with this idea to be a bracelet first, and a watch second.

Reading time is quite simple.  There are 12 spikes that display the time one number at a time – hours first, then the minutes in groups of ten, then minutes singularly (1-9).

The strap is made of high gloss plastic with metal edges to give it a quality feel.  The spikes can be made of either plastic or rubber but have to be transparent enough to let the LEDs shine through.


12 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Strap LED Watch Design

  1. Good idea but needs to be kicked up a notch. This looks like something an emo high school kid would wear. I like the idea of an LED strap though.


    • Please take more time and observe what the designer has offered you to see how the watch will tell time. The top image is a gif which means it isn’t made of simply one image. If you voted, it isn’t fair to the designer to have a lower score due to your laziness and/or bad observation skills.


  2. This would have to be oriented just right on your wrist, and let’s face it, the watch is going to spin around…

    Your images lack some details (buttons, fastening mechanism, etc.) and the design looks kind of scary. Way too edgy… Try getting on a plane wearing this piece of jewelry.

    For these reasons, I’m going to have to give this a meager 2*

    Sorry to be a downer.


  3. Yeah, cyperpunk is the right hint. Cyber – the LEDs and punk – the spikes. It’s a cool idea and I could see the kids and crazy party folks wear it.

    um: the minutes are shown after the hours.

    Jordan: I think, the orientation is no big problem I think. If you look a bit from the side, all can be seen.

    The simpleness in presentation – it’s ok. The basic idea is clear. Some other color versions would’ve been cool. The emo-magenta would look good I think.

    But independent from the presentation and the potential of the watch, it’s not something for me. I give you neutral 3* and leave the decisions to the freaks (in a good way) 🙂


    • Hi Pete, Tokyoflash are looking in to it. The watch has some tricky aspects to overcome, but i feel i have the best people working on it.

      The interest in the watch has been nothing sort of phenomenal and i’m truly grateful for peoples comments. It is taking time, but i see that as a good thing. Whether or not it becomes a reality, only time will tell. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


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