LED Watch with Built-in Camera

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says, “I’ve always wanted a watch that has a camera in it, tying this idea in with the concept of taking a profile picture captured my imagination.  When people check their watch, the vantage point of the watch would be perfect to take a profile picture with”.

The camera lens is in the center of the design, with white and blue LEDs surrounding it.  The outer ring is hours, middle is minutes in groups of 5, and the center LED ring is single minutes.  When a picture is taken using the center button, the white LEDs flash once, and when the picture is uploaded successfully to your phone, the blue LEDs flash twice.

Those who change their profile picture several times a week would love this watch, just get your friends together, snap the pic, and post it to your profile.


22 thoughts on “LED Watch with Built-in Camera

  1. Would bluetooth be a necessary function to transfer pictures to your phone when nearly all cell phones have cameras?

    Cool watch for sure, but just not my kinda thing. 4* for the slick LED’s based around the camera though. Makes it look like a flash y’know?

    Random design question, was the animated gif done in photoshop?


  2. Ok first of all, I support this idea. It’s contemporary, it surfes on the facebook-wave, it’s fun and it looks good.

    My only basic concern is like the one of Jordan: a) it’s better to have a smart phone for this watch – sub-otpimal, but these phones are everywhere these days, and then b) you own such a phone, then you already have all you need one cubit away. Maybe I think in a wrong way? I don’t have a smarthphone yet (not convinced yet) so I’m maybe not aware of a deep truth which kills my argument 🙂

    I also have a cam concept in my sketchbook. I thought about a sub-function like: The cam automatically takes photos each minute, and at the end of the day you can make a collage saying “the day of my watch”. This would be also a good feature for this watch, cause it’s software only, not hardware. Not useful but FUUUUN xD

    Time reading system is good. Nice LED shapes. Case buttons and straps also look good on my wrist. Welcome back Cory!


  3. Easy to change facebook profile? I’ll change mine everyday or every time I see cool thing. With 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens, Bluetooth, easy to red time in LED , and sleek manly design, this watch would be a very good companion to the James Bond – geek version. Love to see how you move on your design submission but still maintain your identity. Cheers! (with yogurt drink). 😉


  4. Thanks, all!

    @Jord I think the Bluetooth adds to the ease of use. I wear a watch because I don’t want to pull my cellphone out just to check the time, with this watch, I wouldn’t have to take the cellphone out to take a pic. With bluetooth, it would auto-upload to the phone, so that later on one can shuffle through the pictures at leisure. I used Gimp for the gifs

    @Sam I don’t know how many pics I’ve missed because the phone was in my pocket, then by the time I get the phone out, the moment is gone and the picture opportunity has been missed. When the camera is already on your wrist, you just snap a few pics, and go through them later on your phone, laptop, or PC.

    @Firdaus James Bond indeed, spy cam on your wrist! 😀


  5. Cory, I appreciate the idea, but it’s not my favorite. I’m not big on profile photos, so this doesn’t meet a need I have, and I think it would be awkward to position my wrist to take other photos, especially without a viewfinder to guide me. But there are certainly people who like to change their profile photos.


    • Understandable, If it’s not for you, that’s cool. Tastes differ, such is the way of design.

      Thanks for honesty 🙂


  6. A watch with a camera for all those failblog moments? I’m in =) Now all it needs is a high quality video camera.


    • Failblog and Memebase, all hail the hypnotoad!

      It seems like an easy thing to add the video capability too, since most digital cameras have that functionality.


  7. This watch has great potential, the ability take a photo at a moments notice would be exellent, im sure mi5 would be interested too 🙂 so 5* for me. I hope this was designed to have a high resolution camera as innovotive features such as a tilt sensor mean that it would come in very useful when its not possible to get your camera/phone out. E.g riding a rollercoaster, riding a motorbike, skydiving & other extreme sports. This would obviously require the addition of a small microphone which I hope is possible.


      • Also forgot to that display is exellent, can be read in a “snap” so is fitting for this watch 😉


    • Nice thoughts, Keiron! I didn’t even think of all the instances you were talking about. The roller coaster one is brilliant!

      I commented on TF Facebook that even cellphones that are a generation old have 3+ megapixel cameras, so it seems plausible to add such tech to a watch at a decent price. Good feedback indeed


  8. Absolutely underrated! People, what’s wrong lol. I love the idea of spontaneously shooting fotos. The blutooth connection is definitely needed here. The watch looks nice, not too awesome but good. Display looks cool around the camera. I would buy this watch, no doubt.


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