Spiral Galaxy Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This watch is an analog design where the minutes hand shows through a three-armed spiral pattern of holes in the watch face and the hours hand shows through a circular hole in the center.

The hands point to the normal clock positions and the minutes are especially easy to read because of the alignment of the holes in the arms. Because the holes always start or end at time ending in 0 or 5 minutes, at the normal clock positions, you can read the time rather accurately even without markings.

This watch design does not look like a normal analog watch, but it really isn’t more difficult to read than one.



5 thoughts on “Spiral Galaxy Analog Watch Design

  1. I like it! I would prefer rounder holes but the rest is nice. It looks difficult but its so easy to read. Logan always has underestimated designs D:


  2. I love spirals! (as might be evident of my multiple spiral-themed designs. This design is too cool, Logan.

    My only gripe is that I would switch the minute and hour hands, and keep the numbers on the finished watch. That way as the hour ticks by, you get the window for that hour showing through to the hand.

    Then when the next hour comes up, it moves on to the next numbered portion of that spiral arm of the galaxy. The minutes as the smaller center hand then become the hyper-fast spinning supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, pulling the hours along as it goes.

    I go 5/y for this one because of my affinity for the spiral and the super cool symmetry of the watch face.


  3. I support this watch with a little pic. I agree with Aphsono about the round holes. Looks less mechanic, more galactic. I’d say minute on the outside can be read more accurately (thanks to the divisions) but the black hole idea from Cory sounds good for the theme. It’s a simple but fascinating little eye catcher, easy to make and it can come in a good price.


  4. Thanks for the feedback, Aphosno, Cory, and Sam (and the pic, Sam!). I see that some might prefer rounded holes, but that would create a minor problem: the minutes hand would essentially disappear briefly every five minutes. That problem could be fixed by extending the holes slightly so their arcs overlap, although I don’t think that would look as good, or by widening the minutes hand. I’m not sure what I prefer, but I appreciate your thoughts.

    Aphosno, thanks for your comment 🙂 I think my lack of 3D skills sometimes hurts, but I’ve tried to make some of my upcoming submissions look closer to real life.

    Sam, thanks very much for making that pic, which certainly helps to show what the watch could look like. Glad you said that it could be made easily and for a good price — that was my intention with this design, something that would be really affordable but still look unusual.

    Cory, the hours hole is meant to be the central bulge in the galaxy, but the black hole idea is neat. My personal preference is to avoid numbers, though, which I think rules out putting the minutes in the center. I did once submit a design that looked a bit like a black hole sucking things in, called “Neutron Star,” but it didn’t make it onto the blog (perhaps, it was too difficult to read).


  5. Great, I vote for the concept, but please, not on this case and strap…. I think everyone must be clear, to vote on the concept, not the presentation. I should not to repeat what Aphosno said, but yes, its true. 5.


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