Venom LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Max from the USA.

Max says “I was playing around with the symmetry of a rectangle while still trying to maintain an easy-to-read design.  I was also looking for a watch that when idle, would have a plain black face”.

The left hand side of the watch represents the hours from bottom to top.  The right hand side of the watch has the minutes in 5 going from bottom to top.  The additional single minutes (1-4) go from left to right, top to bottom.  The columns of small blocks on both sides are there for the ease of reading the time.

Max sees anyone that enjoys the design wearing the watch.  This watch design has a new and interesting method to display the time.  It is also very easy to read the time and requires very little calculation.


5 thoughts on “Venom LED Watch Design

  1. I like it, but the single minute blocks are a bit too big for the hour/5 minute pointers.

    Mutual 3* from me.


  2. A great concept indeed, but probably appear at the wrong time. I wonder where are the Tokyoflash’s fans go, seems they are too picky to drop comments nowadays. Must investigate the reason. I hope Max will not get discouraged and would come with more designs soon.


  3. I feel like this is a solid design, and would like to see more from Max. Seems pretty easy to learn, and looks unique.


  4. I also think the single minute blocks are too big. Its an inharmonic display. The rest is ok, but not overwhelming. ***YES because its still my taste, but just ok.


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