Bicolor Binary Lift – A Binary LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A colorful binary LED watch design that uses six bi-color LEDs to display the time behind a sleek smoked black lens. Red LEDs indicate hours, yellow LEDs indicate minutes. Binary is simple to understand when you know how and this format of time telling allows for a minimal but unique time display.

There are six bi-color LED lights used in this watch design. This theme was used in the popular Kisai Tenmetsu LED watch, where the color of the lights in one position change between red, yellow and green. In this unique watch design the transition is only between red and yellow which distinguishes between hours and minutes.

Binary is very simple to understand (once you know how). It’s just like going back to school and learning how to read an analog clock. In this watch design, there are six lights from the bottom to the top. These indicate 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 units of time. Therefore in the example shown in the animation below, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lights are lit to show the hour in red (2+4+8 = 14 hours) and the 6th light is lit to show the minutes in yellow (32 = 32 minutes). So the time displayed is 14:32 or 2:32 PM.

This watch design also has a dual finish in black and silver as well as a butterfly clasp, closing the strap neatly to ensure a bracelet effect is achieved.


11 thoughts on “Bicolor Binary Lift – A Binary LED Watch Design

  1. I love the case and strap design but the time telling part is needlessly complicated. Case and strap 4.8 Time display 2.


  2. I think this appeals to the binary fans. If you are used to it, it’s fun. The watch is really cool. Maybe a bit too wide, for this slim display. But the “three lanes” optic is nice. Good example for a minimalistic, well designed watch, imho.


  3. Excellent. I really like the display, very ‘Kit’! I don’t like the bracelet style of the case & strap though. I have quite a small wrist and would like to see this time telling method on a different style watch, maybe something wider and thinner. I can’t tell you how much I like the display though, simple and binary – great!


  4. I would wear this. Maybe I’d prefer it to be slightly narrower, like Sam said, but it’s still my favorite of all your designs so far, Laszlo.


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