An E-Paper Watch Design – This is Your Canvas

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “Two things guided me to make this watch design. The first thing was the idea to make a wrist watch that the wearer can adapt as they please. The second thing was, I thought about why should one use e-paper for a watch? It is just black and white, has no background light and doesn’t look spectacular at all. The big benefit is, it can show anything you want (within the restriction, e-paper has) and the black-white is pretty artistic actually, so it was the perfect display type for my idea. And the word “spectacular” is subjective, you decide how the display on your watch looks! This watch is your canvas…

My concept concentrates on the method to use e-paper and two elements, the wearer of the watch can change: the time display type and the background of the display.  I chose a neutral looking watch with a big display, space for buttons and LEDs for the lighting and a USB port. The final appearance of the watch design can be different of course, but I think my proposal fits the needs pretty good. I am open to suggestions though.

This is how the watch works: you press the center button and then a menu opens. With the left and right button you can change the menus, with the up and down buttons you can change whatever value the menus offer. I am listing, what I think would be cool editing: the time (of course) the time display style (12h, 24h, numbers, words, roman, analog…), the tag which divides the numbers (:,-,_, ,~…), the typeface (you can upload fonts from your computer), the time display size, angle, position, black or white, border strength (can ease up reading), the background (you can upload images from your computer), the background size, angle, position, contrast (greyscale images will be shown reduced, so you can pic a value) and the LED color (to make it fit your style). The menu also shows the battery status. It could be more, it could be less. I think the creative mind finds enough customize already.

When you have finally made all your choices, you can save your “theme” (that adds a folder containing the typeface, the background image and a textfile with your settings on your watch). I think it would be cool if you share themes online. Tokyoflash could also make themes or special plug-ins for other display styles (like my Rorschach system) and post them online. So this watch would never get “old” or boring.

Everything you need, to widen the amount of possibilities, is some font files and images. You upload them via USB in the according folders and they are available in the watch menus. You don’t need programming skills, just a healthy amount of creativity.

This watch design is for people who don’t like to be restricted and who like to be creative. You can make your own themes, so sci-fi fans, artists, party people, business people… anyone can make this watch perfect for them.

With this watch, you can express your style in a whole new way. You looked for a watch, nobody else has? This is your canvas, make it look different!”



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  1. Thank you all for your great comments! Some of you had really good ideas while others clearly said, how much they like this concept. All this is a good sign and I hope this helps for the future. Stay tuned and stay critical, you make the blog live!

    Best regards from Germany,


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