LED Roman Numerals Watch Design

Design submitted by Paulo from Portugal.

Paulo says: “I like all kind of watches and I like to blend old with new, so when i saw the type of watches you make, i just put old numbers in the LEDs.

The design is very simple and you just have to know how to read Ancient Roman Numbers to be able to tell the time. This watch design would be great for anyone who likes old and new watches.

This design stands out as something different because although LEDs are usual in Tokyoflash watches, ancient numbers are not, i only see these in some analog watches.”



4 thoughts on “LED Roman Numerals Watch Design

  1. Oh nice, a 12-5-9 watch in roman! I would prefer an overall white for the LEDs if you keep the Times New Roman Font. I would like to have a more digital/modern/simple font if you keep the colors. Or in short: The font and the colors together are too much. For me though 🙂

    I also worked on roman number concepts and I like that LED layout and sequence very much.

    There are some “AP” in the images. I think they have to be just “A” or “P” right?

    Welcome to the blog Paulo!


  2. I really appreciate this design to be available here. In my opinion, this design is simple but brilliant! The time telling format is so convenient. My only critic is, the color should be all in white, or all in blue, optional, that will make this watch looks more expensive IMO. Another thing is, although the concept simply drive me to give it 5 starz and yes would buy, BUT since it’s ROMAN numbers, featured by TOKYOflash, that sounds… well…. anyway it still deserve 5 stars.


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