Projekt Watch Design Projects The Time

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “The idea of a watch that projects the time onto the wearer’s wrist, like some alarm clocks that show the time on the ceiling, is one that has floated around my head for a while now. I’ve wanted to do the concept justice, and have let it take it’s time.

Hours are shown on the left of the watch body, minutes on the right. Two arrows per side point to one digit each, the outer left indicates the first hour digit and the inner arrow points to the second, with the same system on the minute side.

The watch and buckle are analogous, both are clamped onto the strap which consists of one strip of leather which might be any colour, preferrably matching the projection. One end is fastened to the buckle while the other can be released by pressing the buttons on the buckle sides.

A modernistic design with a bit of sci-fi flavour, Projekt could appeal to everyone from Trek nerds to computer people to design aficionados. The design is radical enough to get attention, and restrained enough to have a broader appeal. The projection might even be animated, depending on the technology used.”


10 thoughts on “Projekt Watch Design Projects The Time

  1. That’s future 😀 I like how it looks (the big gap in the middle, where normally time is shown, the two sun-gasses-lik blades) I’d like the black strap red blades version, if my wrist would a bit less hairy. It is one thing to let people see the hairy wrist, but using the wrist… damn cool but practical?

    But lets assume the hairs dont matter (that’s the weakest point) and also daylight doesn’t matter (normally beaming devices are inside or switched on in the evening), I’d like to have the minute indicators swapped, so I could read form left to the right (AB:CD instead of AB:DC).

    I think a satisfying brightness can be done, the hair problem stays. It is ok, if you aim people with less hairs 😉 Maybe the indicators could be more rough (fat dots for example) and the numbers bigger or you make each third radial line thicker (no numbers needed then), then you have a less gracile display which can be read with hairs too.

    If this concept wouldn’t be that cool, I wouldn’t care about the flaws, so think about it if you like and good luck!

    Oh I forgot: nice interplay between the closing mechanism’s appearance and the case’s. Stylish!


  2. This watch surely comes from another planeT. Different, really different! I don’t wana critic the strap, but the watch is simply amazing. I remember the laser watch design, my most favorite here, and now come this watch. Thanks for the idea Anders—–sama 🙂


  3. Very nice, but I’ve always found projecting watches a tad impractical. I find my Galaxy watch hard to read in direct sunlight, I can see this being even less visible.

    It looks awesome though, and who knows, maybe it’ll work flawlessly.

    Good luck!


  4. OMG! Jizz in my pants! If you make one like these I swear to buy a box of one thousand of these! No, seriously, it’s really awesome! I love it love it love it!!!!


  5. I would buy and wear this in a heartbeat.
    A very cool design, and has the bonus of looking like a piece of sci-fi jewelry when not displaying the time.

    As said, it could be a problem for overly hairy arms, or problematic to read in sunlight.
    For the first, Id probably wear on the ‘underside’ of my wrist – a watch this cool would be worth the effort.

    The light issue could be a problem though.


  6. Looks great, but yes hairy/small wrists/sun would be a problem. Possibly overcome during testing but who knows. Either way as a watch its very futuristic. I would even buy a wall clock version.


  7. Now thats thinking outside of the box. Excellent idea, I would love to see the finished product. The hairy wrist factor may be a problem unfortunately, but I’m hoping it wont be, a good quality laser should do the job. If it works the way you intend this could be a whole new theme in watches.


  8. Outside the box is cool! But it has to be practical too. If there is any chance, the display can look like this on my medium hairy arm, then give it to me. Ok, I buy it then, hahaha.


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