It’s a Wrap – Parcel LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A new concept watch design from Laszlo, called “Parcel”. This design uses LEDs to display the time and appears to feature raised acrylic sections to distinguish elements of time, in a similar way to the Kisai Denshoku watch.”

This watch design comes in silver with blue LEDs and black with yellow LEDs. The time is quite simple to read and is separated into three zones, the upper zone has 12 LEDs, each displaying one hour. The central zone has 5 LEDS, each of which is 10 minutes and the lower zone has 9 LEDS, each indicating a single minute.

This design feels like it would wrap around your wrist like a cuff, and is quite slim so would be ideal for men or women. Vote if you’d like to see this concept become reality.


9 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap – Parcel LED Watch Design

  1. Chrome with Blue LEDs all the way! buy buy! *****/Y

    This is what would be if Hanko and Denshoku had a baby, lol! chic.


  2. Really very elegant, easy to read. I like the blue and yellow LED display too. Yes, I want it. 5 stars. Congrats.


  3. Even the packaging is also buying it! + Very simple, yet Tokyoflashies. I don’t understand a few comments, because the perceptions of the TF watches all about this! I don’t want unsightly wristwatches, childlike illustrations, should be simple, but cool. I would like to see the comments already from Tf! 5 stars on my part. Good luck!


  4. oh yes, great design and very stylish! would definitly buy the black one with yellow LEDs! 🙂 think it’s great that the LEDs protrude a bit from the case. my favourite watch design from laszlo. very easy time reading aswell. great job!


  5. 12 5 9 no problem. It’s a very simple watch for the people who left out the 12 5 9 series of TF watches. I like it.


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