SLL Hybrid LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “This watch design has a hybrid structured LCD display with an electroluminescent back light. “SLL Hybrid” continuously displays the time and the back light is activated by touching the button on the side.There are two color variations of this watch design here, one in black, one in silver. The time is indicated as follows: 12 segments (hours) 5 segments (ten minute groups) and 9 segments (single minutes).


28 thoughts on “SLL Hybrid LCD Watch Design

  1. Nice, sleek design. Great idea to continue the black line down the silver strap. Tokyoflash needs more square faced watches like this…. Awesome rendering, looks real!

    I personally find the watch quite difficult to read, but I guess I could get used to it.

    I would definitely buy this, but it’s now it’s up to the public to decide. Good luck!


  2. This can be made of either LDC or LED, it does not matter. I love the math to count the time. The silver one is gorgeous. Definitely buy-worthy. Straight 5!


  3. definately 5*, nice colours, nice shapes, easy to read, attractive, ticks all my boxes. Love the layout of lights, very original.


  4. I like the mix of the time reading and the resulting display pretty much. The straps and their continuation to the case are very good. This is one of my favorites Laszlo watches.


  5. Killer watch, Laszlo! I like the band continuing into the face, the links look nice and wide for a comfy fit, and the timing method is easy to read. 5*/ Y very much.

    And as always, the presentation is impeccable. Nagyszerű!


  6. Yes it is a awesome design, but I think it is too difficult to read with these 5 segments for ten minutes.


  7. I really do like this watch. This is my favorite at the moment, but I did just register to share my thoughts with the site. Not only about this watch, but ALL the watches not ONLY one this site, but all the watches that exist in the world! .. I think.

    I had been a rather avid collector of watches for a lone time. I stopped about 7 years ago. for no good reason. I wish I had not. I recently pulled all my watches out of a drawer and had all new batteries put in them. Since then I have been shopping for watches again! Of course I ended up here on Toyko Flash Japan and learned of this blog. Awesome idea! I love it.

    I dont know that I could ever design a watch per say but I do have a little piece of input that is really important to me and if it goes no where I can at least say I got it off my chest!

    All these watches are awesome attention getters and conversation starters and just a general bad ass way to tell time.

    Something they are ALL lacking though is a “Party mode”. A mode that you can turn on and keeps the watch blinking and lighting up all the time! A mode that REALLY draws attention to your wrist in a bar/club or at a party.

    I know the quick response is “this will kill your battery super quick” but that doesn’t even matter to me. Most of these watches are USB rechargable (more then I can say about any of the watches in my collection currently) and from the site saying that they last about a month before recharging then I could totally get a night worth of “party mode” out of my watch before having to recharge.

    This is 100% the most important aspect of ANY watch to me and every single one is lacking it (everywhere – not just Tokyo Flash Japan). Every time I look at a watch on any website (especially this one) I think “that watch is soooo awesome, I just wish I could make it light up all the time!”

    I wanna thank everyone of the developers for their “time” on creating some of these awesome watches. You all deserve great credit. I wish I could design a watch. I hope you all understand that my comments come from a good place and take them into serious consideration.
    Thank you!


    • Some of TF’s watches do have this “Party Mode” attention getter setting you are talking about.

      Kisai RPM, as one example, has an animation mode in which every 15 minutes it plays an animation for about 15 seconds. The LEDs light up in an interesting pattern all around the watch face, when I have that mode set on mine it has started many a conversation of ‘oooh! where did you get that awesome watch’ etc.


  8. Laszlo already planned about 50 watches, we can see here on the blog. All watches are very special and exciting. Congrats to the huge amount of work and ideas. I look forward to finally buy them. 5 stars.


  9. Wow, simply wow! I hope that I can spend my pretty cash on your watches!
    I can feel the growing urge to have this miraculous gadget! I want it NOW!


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