Zero Visibility Smart Glass Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: “I was looking at past designs, and I liked the look of the Shinshoku band, so I designed my own look-alike. The actual watch face is covered in a sheet of ‘Smart Glass’. This glass can change from fully opaque, to transparent in a matter of milliseconds.

When you press the button located at the side of the watch, the Smart Glass will fade out and begin the animation sequence. First, red lights will light up. Count them as they appear, until you see a diagonal line strike-through them. Those are your hours. Second, the right lights will begin lighting up again. Every red light that lights before the green is 10 minutes. Finally, the last sequence of reds/green will begin. Every red in this sequence is worth 1 minute.

I can see almost anybody wearing this watch. The Smart Glass definitely sets this design out from the rest, making it look like a polished stainless steel bracelet.”


3 thoughts on “Zero Visibility Smart Glass Watch Design

  1. Oh no! The watch seemed so cool but the display destroyed all hopes. It is just ugly. Make parallel lines or horizontal/vertical lines. The counting is ok though. The smart glass has no purpose here. The lines are already hidden, when they are off. The watch itself looks nice. Rethink this concept and try again.


  2. I insist, this watch is so cool. Just because you don’t see anything does not mean its nothing. I will not look like a watch, more like a wrist band IMHO, but I still think that is cool idea. Much more likely for sporty person though. ~ I think how the animation is presented might be the culprit for the ugliness, but simple just imagine it in real life, yeah it is cool.


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