A Stylish & Simple LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “I wanted to come up with a simple and uncluttered watch design using an LCD screen. The overall design is intended to reflect the relative simplicity of the liquid crystal technology. My aim was to display the time in a similarly simple manner, not far removed from a traditional analog watch.

The center dot or star denotes a.m./p.m., the sixty chevrons arranged around it display the minutes in five-minute groups to aid readability. Hours are indicated by a single polygon outside the minutes, and the outermost circle counts the seconds.

The design is very simple, with the dispaly surrounded by a black rubber armband with a stainless steel buckle echoed in the ring around the display. Setting the time etc. might be accomplished either through buttons hidden in the rubber armband, or by making the ring around the display touch-sensitive.

This watch design will appeal to those who like clean retro watches and subtle design. To reach a wider group the armband can be made in virtually any colour. It would be technically simple to let the wearer change the backlight colour. Alternatively, the watch could easily be made using LEDs.”


6 thoughts on “A Stylish & Simple LCD Watch Design

  1. Great design and easy to read. This reminds me of a mandala. Maybe you can design a few others in that style. I am sure it will be bought up by all kinds of smart/symbology people. As it stands I would buy this because its pretty cool already.


    • Also maybe a multi-color display, whether customizable or just a fixed color set would be awesome and stand out like a work of art on someones wrist.


  2. The base pattern is cool. But you never see it full, always in parts, and the remaining shape isn’t that cool for me. Something less angled, more round, would go better with the watch. The watch itself is very nice.


  3. It reminds me of umbrella. The display itself is great but I would prefer black dot with orange backside. This watch should be made in always on mode since the contrast display helps the make the dot visible even without back-lighting.


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