Plaq – A Wooden Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “Due to a comment on one of my earliest submissions where the poster had mistaken a leather armband for wood, i’ve been toying with the idea of a wooden watch design. Partly for the novelty value but also because I love wood as a material. This; plaq, is the result.

The watch is an LED design lit through very thin panels in the face using the 12-5-9 principle. Hours are told by twelve LED’s around the face, single minutes by the nine centre LED’s and tens of minutes by the four corner LED’s. Lighting all four corners indicates 50 minutes.

Plaq is an executive watch with a slightly jewellery-esque, almost feminine flavour, perhaps for a woman or a businessman secure in his masculinity. It consists of a body, two armband links and a leather strap. The strap length is easily adjusted by letting it telescope into the links.

Plaq aims at the fashion-conscious professional. The exclusivity can be very high if the face and links are made of actual carbon fibre, wood (masur birch being a personal favourite) or stone (perhaps marble, porphyr or a semi-precious stone like agate), or less luxurious if the material is simulated.”


12 thoughts on “Plaq – A Wooden Watch Design

  1. Wonderful! I can’t find things I don’t like here. The simple shape, the different translucent materials, the time reading system – great! This watch can be made in maaaany different materials too. A yummy white matte translucent plastic or a screaming yellow plastic… Ah I remember my screwz watch *sigh* Well you could reach a broad range of customers. I’m one of them (one who wants two or three watches). I think, the watch is not necessarily female-ish. I know guys, who don’t like watches that clunky (like my 12-5-9 L, that murder weapon lol, but I love it). I’m a fan of the simplicity and the many many possibilities.

    I think it is 3:37, not 3:47 on the last image. If that’s like this, the reading sytem already approved.

    Great design Anders!


    • Thanks Sam! I’m always a bit worried that people won’t think my designs are as cool as I think they are (well, most of them…=), so it’s very good to know you like it!
      Yes, it could be made in almost any material, although the original idea was to contrast the simple design and display with very exclusive natural materials… One option could also be to have the face replaceable, so you can switch between different looks. Personally I like slick and subtle designs, and some comments I’ve recieved have indicated that to mean feminine…=)

      Curses! That’s the second time I’ve managed to mess that up! =) Although it might be a good sign that the display is clear enough that people can tell that it’s wrong…=)


      • I’m afraid I’m not representative to the common taste (I tend to swim outside the mainstream) but I like this watch because it tickles my sense for aethetics. I totally support the replacing cover idea. I am working on something like that. A simple base with tons of possibilities is quite another statement than a watch with dozens of functions in it. Well, the trick later would be, how to handle the attachment and abrasion of removable parts. About the femininity (I’ve decided, that’s a word), on a strooong maaaanly haaaairy arm the watch would look lost, which one wouldn’t. On my small wristy, it would look perfect. So I’m happy 🙂

        I also had one or two mistakes and people understood the system. It’s a good sign.

        Good luck Anders!!!


      • Representative or not, I’m glad for every positive comment…=) And frankly the mainstream isn’t that interesting…
        Of course, any design that features removable parts will suffer from wear and tear, and I suspect the only way to get around it is to make a sturdy design, and for the user to be careful…=)


  2. Cool concept. I definitely like the carbon fibre looking one the best, though the darker wood is also very Chic!


  3. Wooden version for me! My girlfriend likes the stone imitation. The case could be a little less round and smooth in shape for me, but I wouldn’t mind, if I see the watch in the shop now! Anders is one of my favorites and I think he is always underrated. 5*/y


  4. I like the sleek design. The burled wood and marble have a formal, luxurious look.
    I really like the carbon fiber material. The CF has a sporty every day look, it reminds me of my auto’s interior.

    Its easy to read, but how do you differentiate AM/PM?

    No buttons? Do you have a bio-activation interface in mind, like a touch screen? That would be super-cool.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      I thought about AM/PM, and decided that either the wearer should be able to tell if it’s three in the morning or three in the afternoon, for example. =) Alternatively the LED’s could change colour (possibly colours chosen by the wearer).

      As for buttons, I imagine the best choice would be to make the whole face a touch-sensitive button so you only have to touch it to light up the LED’s . Buttons for setting the time could be hidden on the back.


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