The Legend of The Bleeding Blade – A Watch Design

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “During the Sengoku period, there was a haunted sword that sucks blood of the victim. After the master of the sword passed away, the sword was destined to fall into the hand of a mad scientist who later modified the sword to be a “bleeding blade” watch.

According to the scientist, the watch uses animation guided LEDs to show the time and date. An illustration and example of how to tell the time and date is provided below.

The watch was initially dedicated to a brave warrior with strong determination to be its master. But as the time changes, the watch design can be worn as a fashion item for those who want to look rugged, or creepy – like your wrist has got cut.

In the western area, similar watches with different colored blood were found and paranormal researchers have suggested that the watch could be originally the ancient technology of alien, or it could be inspired by underworld creature or even the spirit?”


51 thoughts on “The Legend of The Bleeding Blade – A Watch Design

    • Hahaha don’t be scared Laszo, it won’t suck your blood (in other words, wrong target market).
      Sorry accepted 😉


    • yeah it is difficult, but not tricky, once u can read the kanji number (from top) 1-12 then follow the step you will got it. for example above, step 1 (hour=7), step 2 (minute=3x) + step 3 (minute x9) = 7.39. Sorry for the lack of manual, its my mistake did not add another attachment. thanks


  1. Ok readers,

    HOW TO TELL THE TIME (see the animation above)

    left bleed = 3 x step; step 1= hour, step 2 = minute+, step 3 = +minute from step 2.
    the long bleed = from top, 1 to 12.

    example above: step 1= hour = 7, step 2 = 3+ minute, + step 3 = +9 minute. Hence, its 7.39.


    left bleed = 3xstep; step 1 = day+, step 2 = +day, step 3 = month.

    long bleed = digit from top 1 -12 in kanji.

    example above: step 1 = day = 2+, step 2 = day = +6, step 3 = 12th month. Hence, its 26/12.

    when 0, all digit leds on.

    The step is only for guidance.


  2. 僕はTWELVE-5-9がありますから、この時計が好きだ!You just left a cut in my memory 😉 I like the shape of the case, the kanji, the damn hot cuts and the renderings. Pretty convincing to me. The animation could be slower. Maybe three times flashing before changing the step. Respect!


  3. Beside i don´t understand Japanese Language, i sure that buy this watch, the concept is wonderful and the language is just a detail, once exist a numeric purpose in this concept the language is just a detail, could be in russian, chinese, marcian, doesn´t matter, i liked, 🙂


    • I’m glad you understand the concept, yeah it could be in any languages, but japanese number is not too difficult IMHO, maybe roman numbers with japanese-like font would be better 😉 thank u


  4. As a 漢字オタク, I like it a lot! They all look cool, but I guess I would buy the bloody red one. (I bet Dexter would too)


  5. Mixed reviews of this piece. I havnt even thought how one might tell the time on it. I can’t get past how awesome it looks.


  6. The hour reading system is pretty easy, the same reading system you can find on the Denshoku, but the date is bit complicated, oh hell, who needs the date, every mobile phone in the world is showing you the date, and this thing is more a fashion statement then a practical watch. 5 stars.


  7. The helping lines and the numbers could be less visible, they destroy the impression of a cut watch. That idea btw is great.


  8. i just got turned on to toyko flash and i love it considering i have about 12 watches in my collection but nothing like these,this design really caught my eye since my taste is more big bulky ss cases,i love that bleed design the writing is a little differant and will take getting use to but cool as hell i would buy that in a heart beat.and this is the first page i have looked at.


  9. This watch is a good reason to learn japanese/chinese numbers. It shows, it comes from japan and that is already a reason to buy. I don’t know that legend but the result looks great. Sharp! 5*/y


  10. Really like this design Firdaus 🙂 Prefer the darker case of the ‘alien’ design over the stainless but that’s just me…

    (oh yeah great job on the rendering as well)


  11. I hope this one makes it! It is simple to tell time on once you look at it, and it is different enough to get noticed. I’ll take one of each color if they get put into production!!!

    Any chance of a black case with red or white LEDs?


    • Are you Justin Bieber?? hehehe thank you for liking it, and its number 1-12, you can learn it in minute 🙂


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