Ancient Futuristic LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Sandra from Estonia.

Sandra says: “I got my inspiration from some Celtic and Chinese symbols.  As the symbol itself is quite complex, I left the strap simple and black.

Hours are displayed on the outer ring from 1-12; minutes are displayed in the middle, on the horizontal section. Minutes 00, 10, 20, 30… are shown as dots, and minutes 05, 15, 25, 35…  are shown as full lights to make it easier to tell the time. Four bigger lights indicate single minutes 1-4.

This watch has an ancient theme, but it looks pretty futuristic. It’s for people, who like something mystical and unusual. It also suits for different people with different styles. This ancient themed futuristic watch is unique, hopefully draws some attention and it looks nice on wrist.”


10 thoughts on “Ancient Futuristic LED Watch Design

  1. My wife and I are completely mad about your concept. It is a form of jewelry to……a real “Royal Time-Piece” ….ART.
    We want to buy!!
    (I follow you).


  2. Hey Sandra.

    I’m very impressed of by your design, I think your the only person to come up with such idea.
    I’m one of those who dig into the mystic/futuristic style 😉

    I rate 5/buy.
    Keep coming with more innovations.


  3. I love the oriental touch of this watch design, looks like ancient powerangers stuff. Very unique and mythical…. the reading also okay n easily understandable. I chose the red one, I want to be the red mythical super sentai!


  4. Nice design Sandra, I always look forward to your concepts. I like the black and gold combination, not very often seen. I hope one of them is chosen in the future, I’d love to wear one someday! Keep up the good work.


  5. The Black and Gold looks brilliant on this watch design, the gold is sparse enough to add to the design without overwhelming. This also reminds me of the Mayan calendar, which is another ancient time telling method that this watch comes very close to.

    Cool design!


    • Actually I have thought about making Mayan calendar-inspired watch, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

      Thanks Cory!


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