Runway: Watch Design Coming In To Land

Design submitted by Sandra from Estonia.

Sandra says: “I got my inspiration from airport runway lights. There’s something fascinating and cool about them.

The stripes on the left indicate the hours from top to bottom, 1 to 12. Thicker stripes show odd numbers, to make it easier to tell the time. Stripes in the middle indicate single minutes 1-4. The stripes on the right indicate the minutes. Thicker stripes indicate 00, 10, 20, 30… minutes.

This watch is for people who like it simple yet interesting. Its metallic, elegant and futuristic look suits for different people, from sci-fi fans to businessmen- and women. I think this watch is eye-catching and quite unique. At first, time telling may seem difficult, but it is actually logical and something to get used to.”


10 thoughts on “Runway: Watch Design Coming In To Land

  1. Oh nice nice! I also like the simple bracelett style here. The display appearance is pure Tokyoflash!

    How do you do the animated gifs? The frame showing 5:13 could be a bit longer 😉 The animation is good though.

    The time reading is nice and simple. The materials are very stylish. I can imagine that on my wrist.


  2. Well done. This is so tokyoflash! I can imagine this watch sold at TF website, since the Twelve 5-9 L Version already put in archive 😉


  3. Hi Sandra, your hours are getting better. Keep it up!. Congratulations. 5 stars from me.
    (The animation is really a bit fast. At 5:31 to increase the delay in Photoshop)


  4. Agreed about the speed of the Gif, but that’s mostly a technicality.

    The watch itself is awesome! Really stylish and definitely nails the feel of a runway that you were going for. Great work!


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