‘Bando’ Double Variation LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Two similar watch designs with subtle interface layout variations. Both feature vertical lines of LEDs beneath a stainless steel grid that separates the segments and that also features a raised section which makes for an interesting touch.Both variations use the same system of telling the time, 12 hours, five 10 minute groups, a 5 minute group and four single minutes. In some variations, this can be very easy to learn and readable at a glance. How do you feel about this design?

The watch is designed with orange LEDs. Would you like to see this color combination on sale at Tokyoflash Japan? Offer Laszlo your feedback in the comments section below and if you’d like to see this concept become reality, vote below.


11 thoughts on “‘Bando’ Double Variation LED Watch Design

  1. yes I rteally like it. Laslzo, one day, you’ll se one of your wathces become reality.

    Congrats, this one looks great. I like the concept and the strap. Beautifull !!!!


  2. Cool 😀 Nice display, looks very artistic. I think I like Bando One more. The straps look a bit too much like what a taxi driver has on his seat (I don’t know the word) But it is a consequent continuation of the display, as always. Good watch!


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