Emission LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “This idea come from my previous watch concept (ECHOES) which can be seen here.” This watch design has a circular display on a rectangular case with rings of LEDs emanating from the centre in an outward manner, segments of which display the time.

Hours are shown on the left side of the display, groups of 10 minutes on the right and a 5 minute group and 4 single minutes in the centre of the interface. This is an LED watch design and it appears that the screen is made up of acrylic rings which are raised giving a 3D appearance. The strap continues this raised effect with raised bars featured.

The finish on the metal appears to be gun metal and a selection of LED colors are shown below. What color combination would you like to see become reality? If so vote below and don’t forget to give Laszlo your critique in the comments section below.


10 thoughts on “Emission LED Watch Design

  1. I like this revised version. Brilliant execution.
    The yellow – black combinations amazed me.
    I really like such a watch!!


  2. That’s a nice one. Only point: I dont fancy the shape of the case. The rest of the watch is good. The display is very cool!


  3. I like this variation on the theme better than the original echoes watch. The case is much more sleek, and the band looks like it could be very comfortable to wear. The display is cool and doesn’t take long to learn the time method. 5*/y!


  4. Oh Laszlo and his designs… always amazing!
    I loved this one and the animation is perfect.

    Only little detail is a little hard to read, but that’s me.


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