Analog Disc Concept Watch Design

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

An simple analog design that features a disc with analog hands behind. The watch features LED backlighting so that the watch is illuminated from beneath the disc when the button is activated.

This concept could easily be made available in different color variations with different colored backlights and is a casual watch that would be suited to guys or girls. Let us know what you think about this concept and which color variations you might like.


13 thoughts on “Analog Disc Concept Watch Design

    • curious.. i could swear my message above had a little more content to it. nothing offensive either. this isn’t the first time, but why are some user’s innocuous posts being moderated/censored…especially without any kind of provocation or notice to the user?

      i don’t mind if there’s some good reason behind it, but it would be nice if there were some rules for posting to cite or some way to tell people when (and why) their content is being altered.

      still love this watch, btw.


  1. I rate 5 and clicked the BUY instantly! I would love to wear this watch for sure! It’s a lot better than the rest of the watches in the STORE not the BLOG πŸ˜‰

    Also I have a question for any of you…

    How exactly do they choose which watch to win for manufacture in the BLOG? Is it really by rating? or something else?


    • As far as I have got told and remember: It’s not only the rating and the amount of “yes” or the comments but also of course the watch itself: how does it fit in the Tokyoflash catalog, does it appeal to a wide range of people or is its theme rather limited, is it feasible to build. When you say “win” that could imply that someday there is a first place, but there isn’t. Tokyoflash said, this goes like forever πŸ™‚ But it also seems like taking forever to see a watch from the blog becoming real. The RPM needed seven months between “yeah we make it” and “yeah we sell it”. Some people think a watch gets a 4+ rating and some !!! in the comments are enough and on valentines day they can gift it. From concept to reality it is a hard and long way. Many researches about costs, materials, comfort, technology, energy… and how all this gets puzzled together have to be done. Tokyoflash has to pay quite something before they earn something so the watch better be a hit πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the novel maybe we need a forum…

      But now my opinion about the watch. From a designers point of view it I totally like it. I like how the straps are connected to the case and I like the display. The little gaps and red areas let it look confusing/interesting. It is cool how the watch hands make their way though the obsticles πŸ™‚ Simple but effective. From a possible buyer’s point of view it looks a little watch-vending-machine-ish. I’m not sure why. Maybe the plastic material (a metal case would be yummy) maybe the lack of hard edges in the geometry. But that’s personal taste. I can imagine this watch in the catalog and if the price is right, then this watch is cool enough to be bought.


      • Hi Samukun, Glad you explaned the policy of TF. It is like building your very own house….in respect for your own believes trying to go for that personal result and during the proces always be alert for what is happening arround without ever loosing your personal basic needs for beauty, ever. However, as the world arround is constant changing, the catalog-grow has to change to for having the right answers in time. Heavy stuff! Maybe after building that particular house, you are looking to it, filled with happyness…….and finaly come to the conclusion that you built it on the wrong spot! Is it also policy of TF to pick up designs, contact the designer and show him the direction for manufacturing his concept? I hope so, because I wonder “will I ever fit?”…….or am I on that wrong spot?
        ………sure, I buy this watch YES, although it is the complete other side of what I do. I am already looking for my rubber toxito.


      • As for my explanation, let’s wait for an official confirmation πŸ˜‰ I can only make a summary of my impressions. I like your house-analogy since I am student for architecture. I am proposing Tokyoflash to make a forum page. I think it is good because these blog entries can be commented for a month only.


  2. The good point is, it is an analog watch. Yes, thanks for that fresh wind. Another good point: you see the time at first glance. Also good: strange looking but easy to read display. The less good point is my taste only: looks too rubbery. Hard to please everyone, I know.


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