Cool Rings Watch Design

Design submitted by Greg from France.

Greg says: “I just wanted to create a watch with a trendy design, an attractive display with a futuristic animation, and something which is simple to read.

After you push the side button, the animation begins. At the end of it, the time is displayed for some seconds. The time is easily read by counting the different LEDs. Hours can be found at the top of the interface, 10 minute groups at the bottom left and single minutes at the bottom right.

I think that this watch is trendy and easy to wear for people who want to live in a modern world. I think that a futuristic design with a fun animation makes reading the time pleasant. Nice and easy to read, and not too complex to produce.

If you’d like to see Greg’s watch design concept become reality, vote below and leave your feedback in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Cool Rings Watch Design

  1. Oh thats cool, a circular 12-5-9 watch. As you wrote: easy to read and futuristic and easy to produce. The display looks really cool.

    How do I distinguish between am and pm respectivley 1h and 13h? I thought maybe the edge LEDs are am/pm indicators but they are “just” decoration. They would look better as a pair of half circles maybe (pretending to be screws), but that’s pretty picky of me.

    I like rounded squares as watch case. So my overall impression is good. It’s an imaginable toykoflashy watch!


  2. I like Sam’s idea of making the corner pieces look like screws. Having those be the AM/PM/Charging/Animation on-off indicators would be cool too. I like the way your animation goes from the outer ring inward, then back out to display the time. That’s a really tight design. good work!


  3. What a shame, there is not 3D used here. I like these rings more than the emission watch rings from Laszlo. I also prefer a square case. Damn, this 2D presentation got rated too bad.


  4. Hi, Thx for your comment.

    That’s true, I’m not a 3D designer… and my work is less attractive than Lazlo one.

    But I had think that Tokyoflash will help me for the 3D design.

    I will come back with a new design, I found a pretty good idea, I just have to work harder to present well my design.



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