Kisai Goku LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The latest unique wrist watch concept from Laszlo is a little bit like a sheet of origami paper that folds and unfolds to display the time.

This design could easily be LCD or LED but which would you prefer? The brightness of LEDs with a cool hidden display when off or always on LCD with a colored backlight perhaps?

The time display on this watch concept is not immediately readable, but like most Tokyoflash watches, it would be easy to learn after a couple of days wearing the watch. Hours in units of 2 and 1 are shown in the upper half of the display and minutes complete the centre and lower segments of the display.

We’re looking out for inspirational new watch designs to add to the line up at Tokyoflash, do you think this design is one you would like to see become reality? Please provide your feedback below.

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5 thoughts on “Kisai Goku LED Watch Concept

  1. Wow, the way to tell the time is incredibly complicated, not to mention annoying. I would throw this watch at the wall after wearing it for a day. Sure, I don’t mind “clever” concepts but this one is a Cognitive Ergonomics nightmare. Not user friendly at all.


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