Titanium Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Adi from Israel.

Made of titanium, this concept watch design has one dial for seconds, one for minutes and another for hours. Adi says it’s for people who are looking for an extremely durable watch, possibly for extreme sports.

A rugged looking concept, the design has screws featured on the face, creating a mechanical look and three crowns to adjust the three elements of time. Let Adi know what you think of his concept by commenting below.

9 thoughts on “Titanium Analog Watch Design

  1. excellent design. It looks like my Remington Razor Machine. Adi, maybe the watch can also shave your face ?

    Excellent design, it looks extremly durable. Very masculine. I like it a lot. How about to make it with tritium, or other luminox to see it in the night ?

    Great job. 5 stars from me.


  2. Oh yeah, thats a cool analog watch. The only thing i dont like are the watch hands. The shapes could be more round, less sharp. But the rest of the watch is really cool. The screws, the buttons and the little bumps are nice details. Good luck adi! Really good watch!


  3. Wow cool! Besides the too compass-ish looking watch hands, this is a really nice watch. I like the separation of the hours, minutes and seconds very much. If it is ok to expose the roating element to the outside, then yes please. But maybe there is the risk of disturbing them by touch… I hope not 🙂 Anyway, cool designed watch!


  4. I think this watch would be cool if it had a GMT feature. Since there is already one hour hand, why not have a second hour-hand to monitor a second time zone?


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