An LED Watch Design Ideal For Dance Clubs

Design submitted by Onno from the Netherlands.

Onno says: “After reading your blog a couple days ago, I was lying in bed when suddenly inspiration struck me, and I drew out the complete watch face and time indication system in a matter of minutes. Now, a few hard days work later the final project is ready for submission.

The Extrude is an LED watch that stands out with its large face, bright LEDs and glossy black finish. You read the time as follows: The outer blocks represent the hours using the number-locations on a standard analog clock. The minutes are indicated by the middle two circles. The upper most circle represents 10-minute increments, the bottom circle the 9 individual minutes.

With its bright LEDs and large glossy surfaces it is quite a sporty and casual watch. Definitely  something for gamers and people that are often found in a dance clubs.

The cool angular shapes that come back in every aspect of the watch give it a sleek and futuristic look. The bright and brightly colored LEDs even more so. The interesting time indication system is sure to become a talking point in any conversation.”

13 thoughts on “An LED Watch Design Ideal For Dance Clubs

  1. I would say that this thing is inspired by stealth technology more then it is by clubbing. Anyway, I love it, 5 stars from me.


    • Hey! Indeed the angular ridges on the casing were in fact modeled after those on a stealth bomber. I mentioned this in a longer, more detailed concept description. Unfortunately, for the blog you only get a small amount of words in which to describe your design.

      Thanks for the comment and the rating! I really appreciate it!
      Can’t wait to see what other feedback it gets.


      • Well, you have to work for good feedback, ask your friends to rate the concept, put links of it on the social media pages of gadget enthusiast groups and publications, etc.


  2. Really great Job,
    In fact this B2-Stealth-Bomber look is amazing as i also find that a watch is only as good as it’s armlet-part
    What i really love too is that it looks quite complicated to read for people not knowing how to read it but once you know it it just seems so easy.
    I give 5 Stars for this amazing piece of art, even if i would change some little aspects (but this would just be my 2 cents 😉 )
    Still amazing work and hope this will get reality


  3. Really cool design!!! I would sooo buy this if it were made!
    I would add a USB-charger port on the left side though.

    But definitely an awesome watch! 5 stars!


    • I actually agree with you on the USB-charger port. If it were at all possible that would be an excellent addition. Maybe using a trapezoid shaped cover or cap, like the buttons on the right side. That would make it fit right into the design. Possibly even adding to it, with the unsymmetrical sides that that would give. (2 buttons vs 1 cap).

      Thanks for the feedback!


  4. I’d prefer a thinner case and straight straps. Then I would take the green version. I like the crystalline shape very much. Looks very alien and scifi.


    • You can remove or add links in the wristband to change the size.

      As you can see there are three different shaped links, that can be attached in any order. So in this way you can change the amount links, and shape of the wirstband to choice.


  5. Great job! In term of style this is a little bit too much for me. But I love the stealth fighter and video game spirit on it! 😉


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