Predator Themed Watch Design

Design submitted by Geppe from Italy.

I had this idea while I was watching the movie “Predator”, in particular the scene of the final countdown, where you see the flashing red symbols on the self-destruction device.

Reading the time is quite simple, the circle composed of 12 segments represent hours 1-12, the symbols inside the circle represent groups of 10 minutes (10-20-30-40-50), the symbols on the right represent minutes 1-9 and the three dots in the bottom indicate if the time is AM (switched-off) or PM (switched-on).

This design is based on a popular theme like “Predator” that is a cult movie, so it could be intresting for sci-fi fans or simply for people who love modern and futuristic design. I think this design is both particular and simple but not banal and, in my opinion, could be a good blend of fashion and technology.

14 thoughts on “Predator Themed Watch Design

  1. This one lines up with the other Predator inspired designs here. This is quite nice. Totally imaginable and a good adaption to what is seen in the movies. This design, and all the other ones in the blog, are too clean, too peaceful I think. Predator is more rough… That’s just my feeling 🙂 You already made the watch look a little used, wich is definitely a step in the right direction. I like the three pm dots! Good luck Geppe!


    • Tanks Samukun, you’re right, the watch design is similar to others already seen on the blog, but I focused more on the display and on the symbols. Probably as you say the design is too clean, maybe a net or a scales texture for the watchstrap can make the design more aggressive


  2. It’s cool. design the watch and strip maybe? i would love to see 4 sets of the 1-9 like on the predators wrist. = ) i got the countdown tattood on me and afew predators. Favorite Sci-Fi monster


  3. unique design …….. we hope that it will produce …. . Good job … with the hope you will plan other watches with this feature.. ..


  4. i’m a huge predator fan/collector…please tell me this is going into production..would make a great addition to the collection.


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