Tagetto – LED or LCD Watch Design with Target

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A concept watch design that could be either LED or LCD and is shown in a variety of colors. The time slices build up to create a mysterious target image.The plain case design contrasts nicely against the strap which has detail in the links. Hours are shown in the outer two rings in the top half of the display and minutes are shown in the lower half of the display, single minutes 1-4 in the inner most ring which passes through both halves of the display.

Let Laszlo know what you think of his latest concept. Would you prefer LED or LCD?

9 thoughts on “Tagetto – LED or LCD Watch Design with Target

  1. ok looks good kinda hard to make out tima like the hour and mns 1-5 are good but 6-9 are hard to figure out. looks good in LCD. so Tokyo Flash hwo do we figure out the 6-9 part ?


  2. I like the simplicity of this design. The two silver rings are very nice. I would prefer a more easy way to tell time. Round display reminds me of an analog watch and so I expect hours and 5min steps. You have 5 different types of LEDs. Maybe 3 are easier (12-5-9 or 12-12-4). Anyway, this is a good candidate for production in my opinion.


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