Tornado Watch Design – A Natural Phenomenon

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: “This idea for a watch design is based on the mapping of time through the use of space on the display and is based on forms of natural phenomenon.”

“I wanted to create a very unusual form of clock transition with smooth lines that have the form of a Tornado. This design is ideal for people who are interested in unusual design, fashion and for anyone who loves wrist watches.”

A fascinating concept from Andy in which the case is the focal point of the design. The swirling patterns are reminiscent of a tornado and at the outer edges there are two twisting windows through which LEDs display the time; hours in one window and minutes in the other. The buttons are also on the left hand side of the design, adding to the unusual appearance.

9 thoughts on “Tornado Watch Design – A Natural Phenomenon

  1. Great design but maybe a more clear display for the time would be nicer, because it took me a time to realise how to read it. Also i prefer the silver black than the red design


  2. Looks great, but with no explanation of how to tell the time, it remains just a good looking, but funtionally confusing watch.


  3. I like the abstract display. Of course it takes time to read it at first. This one is actually so much easier to read than some TF watches, you really really need an explanation for. As for the display: I would’ve prefered rounder shapes wich better fit to the organic shape of the watch, wich is really cool. I also like the left side buttons. Abstract and confusing: yes, that’s TF. Smooth and round: quite a diversion to the rough geometrical shapes. Good work Andy 🙂


  4. Ohhh beautiful! Reminds me of the weather display in the news. Like sam, i think round lit up areas would better fit to the rest. The red version is hot!


  5. I agree with Sam’s comment. Basically, I like the overall shape and concept, but think you can improve the watch by refining the LED shapes. It’s good to see something different like this, and I hope you will continue to work on it to push the idea to its limit.


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