Sakkaku LED Watch Design With A Twist

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo’s latest concept uses a round case and rings of LEDs that move from the outer edge of the interface to the centre to create a 3D impression of lighting. The color of the ring indicates different elements of time; red = hours 1-12, yellow = five minute groups 5-55 and white = single minutes 1-4.

This design would have a brushed black finish and would have crystal glass over the LEDs.

We love the way that the rings build up to create a “vortex” effect as time progresses, so that at 11:59 (see example below) the display almost looks like a 3D tunnel. If you would like to see this concept become reality, vote below.

12 thoughts on “Sakkaku LED Watch Design With A Twist

  1. Yeah a bit hard to count. First I thought it it 12-5-9 but it is 12-12-4. After making this clear, it was kinda ok for me. If you really have three color, than you could add some gaps to the red and yellow rings to ease up counting. One gap after each triple would be wonderful 🙂 Besides the technique of telling time, I like the visial apperance of the display.


  2. This is my favorite watch, a very cheerful colors. Exciting to watch as the time is displayed. The packaging is always impressive. I want it!


  3. Nice watch in a nice case, Laszlo, just as we expected from you.
    In my opinion this watch is rather a feminine model, but hey, I’d like to buy one of these for my girlfriend… 🙂


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