Solar System Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Mario from the USA.

Mario says: “I came up with this design observing different aspects of natural science, astronomy and time-telling.  It started as an analog design but it is also a digital concept if you can imagine the graphics in a flash format with dynamic animation, colors and textures on an LCD wristwatch.

It’s a 24 hour design that uses hands to tell time.  Except the longest hand is the hour hand and the shorter hand is the minutes hand.  In our Solar System longer orbits have longer rotational periods (Kepler’s Law of Harmony).  The seconds hand is the nucleus and can be a variety of shapes.

It’s a concept that goes from outer space to inner space from a galaxy to a nucleus with solar systems (and creation) in between and I see a tech savvy, graphics oriented, consciously aware individual between ages 20-45 wearing this concept. I think it would appeal to well-rounded and diverse demographic.

It incorporates natural science and astronomy into time-telling unlike other designs. It also takes the concept of “digital timekeeping” from just numbers, dots and units to logical, graphical, exponential, dynamic animations.”

3 thoughts on “Solar System Analog Watch Design

  1. I like the idea but it is executed a little too retro. I would prefer a more minimalistic look, but that’s me 🙂 Circles, crecents, stars, triangle, numbers are too much. Nice minimalistic case on the other hand! The 24 hour display is also good.


  2. I think this idea is beautiful, albeit a little different to read as a watch. Great job, love to see the final concept though.


  3. I like the idea to base a brand new way to read the time on a traditional watch with hands. But if I understand well, the minutes positions are just the same as a regular clock? Wouldn’t it make sense to find a new way for that too?


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