Cairo Concept LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Another very well thought out concept design from Logan. He says: “This is a response to commenters on my previous designs who asked to see more of my work with patterns. The Cairo watch has a sandblasted aluminum face with holes cut out in a pattern called the Cairo tessellation (a pentagonal tiling that supposedly was made with paving stones on the streets of Cairo).Behind each of these holes is either a yellow or a red LED. When the LEDs are off, you can enjoy this mathematical pattern, and, when they are on, the minutes are displayed large in the center, using 3×5 pentagons per digit, and the hours are indicated in the normal clock position using 2 pentagons.  Super easy to read.  The strap is the same style as Kisai Sensai silver — the appearance of a smooth one-piece, but actually adjustable at the back.

The 2 pentagons that show the hours are always the opposite color of the neighboring minutes digit(s).  When the hours=12 or 6, one of these pentagons is red and the other yellow.

If it would not add too much cost to the design, AM/PM could be distinguished by reversing the colors for PM (e.g., first minutes digit red instead of yellow).  This would require that each LED be capable of displaying both red and yellow, instead of the simpler design where each LED displays only red OR yellow.

This could be offered with a black case and strap, too, provided that there would be enough contrast between the black case and the LEDs when turned off (maybe, the LEDs when off would actually be a very dark gray, or a shinier black, so there would still be contrast).  That might look very interesting — black case with a black pattern.

The pattern of the holes in the case gives the watch a striking appearance even when off.  The style is futuristic, but not in an aggressive way — it’s more of a vision of the future where mathematics is part of our everyday lives and the designs around us.”

10 thoughts on “Cairo Concept LED Watch Design

  1. Oh cool. I think Tokyoflash chose the best case for this design already. The display is really well thought through (digital vs analog, color diversion, the divisions…) It reminds me of bird seed somehow 😛 Could be a cool Tokyoflash watch.


    • Thanks, Sam. Yeah, I think Tokyoflash did a great job on the 3D…maybe, the best rendering they’ve done for one of my designs so far 🙂 It seems to really fit the pattern, and the matte surface looks great. Haha, bird seed…yes, I can sort of see that.


  2. Love the display here, very interesting theme and an unusual pattern. The shape of the case reminds me of my Tokyoflash Tibida watch, I really liked that design. The display is definitely interesting.

    I agree – it would look awesome when off too. Possibly black lenses on a brushed silver case? There are so many ways of looking at the pattern, its just mesmerising.

    The time is completely readable “at a glance” as well. All in all, this is perfect for me, apart from the LED colors. I would like to see a single color. I think blue would be nice.


    • Avatara, thanks for your feedback. About the case, you’ll see brushed aluminum in my description and original illustration, but I also mentioned a black option, which is what Tokyoflash made 3D. I really like what they did with the black, it looks great in my opinion, but I think there could be both choices.

      About the LED color, this design actually started life as a blue always-on LCD, so I agree blue would look nice, but it’s down to personal preference, and I’m glad you’ve shared yours. Thanks!


  3. Further to your point ‘supposedly was made with paving stones on the streets of Cairo’, you might be interested in the link below. Presumably, you searched for a picture of this as a street tiling of Cairo, but could not find. I’ve long been interested in this myself, of which after 20 plus years of seaching, have finally found an in situ picture, as of November this year! Do you not think that my both me and my partner in this, Helen Donnelly, deserve a free watch…—truly-named-


    • David, that’s awesome! Thanks for the link and search. As for a free watch, first the design would have to be put into production. If enough people who love this tiling and would like to see it on a watch rate this design, perhaps Tokyoflash will make it. Right now, it’s just a concept that I’ve submitted, and, as you can see from the blog, there are a lot of concepts vying to be made into reality.


      • The ‘free watch’ comment was tongue in cheek… An obvious place to market this is…, well, I’ll let you guess…


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