Egg Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The inspiration for Laszlo’s latest concept comes from the famous Fabergé egg, jewelled eggs that are regarded as masterpieces of jeweller’s art. He considers this as a more feminine version of his recent LED Bars Concept Watch Design.

The 12 LEDs in the left section indicate hours, (1 LED stands for 1 hour), 11 LEDs in the right indicate minutes in groups of 5 (1 LED stands for 5 minutes) and the 4 LEDs in the top right indicate minutes (1 LED stands for 1 minute).

This concept is simple to read and has a rather unusual shape as well as an asymmetrical case. Laszlo has also included a couple of different colour combinations. We’d be really interested to hear your feedback on this concept, would it appeal to you? What would you change? What color or material combination would you like? Please leave constructive feedback below and vote if you would like to see this concept become reality.

7 thoughts on “Egg Concept Watch Design

  1. I like the raised lens. This reminds me of a fencing helmet.
    I m not sure about putting an egg on my wrist myself but this looks like a jewelery for women so I think it s a great idea!


  2. Beautifully presented, fantastic work Laszlo. You have talent with a capital T! I wouldn’t wear this one, the shape is just too unusual for me i’m afraid. I wonder if there are any girls out there – would this appeal to them? It feels a bit feminine.


  3. My girlfriend says no. Me too. Too many different shapes for me. Cylindric bracelett with thse division, then the half circle with the white-black-white border, and then oval konvex thing. You had stronger watches.


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