Linear LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is made up of intersecting lines all the way from the watch face to the straps.  Time is shown through lit lines in the center of the face.

Upper row has 12 LEDs that show the hours, each LED equals to 1 hour.  In the middle row are 12 LEDs showing 5 minutes each, and lower 4 LEDs show single minutes.

8 thoughts on “Linear LED Watch Design

  1. Great Work Laslo. I really like it.

    But, i think it looks a little bit with Eleeno Seahope – Geomesh or Lines, one of my favorite. Thhis one was sell under Tokyoflash, but after that, they separated (as far as I know – please corect me if I’m wrong).

    The concept is fabulous ! Is is very simple, and complex. Actually all Laslo concepts has force and style.

    Produce it, and I will buy it !


  2. Another beauty from Laszlo. I’m a big fan of your general style.

    I instantly thought the same as I see Gabriel has commented. It reminds me of the Geomesh watch, with the thin lines between the (mirrored) display.

    Keep up the nice work!


  3. As much as I really really like the style, I kind of feel that the display areas and the way to tell the time is not really exciting because it’s a bit behind squares maybe? Seems a bit hard to see maybe…


  4. Wow, simply wow! I have to tell you that this one’s my favorite even though I love all your work! I hope that I can spend my pretty cash on your watches!


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