Mayan Inspired LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

The idea for this watch design is based on ancient Maya’s head numerals.  Digital numbers are also displayed on the four corners of the watch for easy reading.

Each head image represents a number from 0-9 which will appeal to people who likes history, ancient civilization, art, and fashion.

6 thoughts on “Mayan Inspired LED Watch Concept

  1. Cool idea. Looks pretty fashionable indeed. The display style is quite nice. This could be done to any type of logo or mini art, so big flexibility here. The case looks nice too – very modern. Looks like a museum display. The booklet of the watch has to contain some maya history and further explanations of who’s heads are used for the numbers. Then you always have a little conversation when it is about telling the time.


  2. Hey Andy, this is a fascinating idea nicely done. How would the images change, is it all LCD based on basically the same face shape?


  3. I believe, if you removed the digital numbers, people here would scream louder. I think they shouldn’t be shown all the time. If you like the watch, then learn the 10 different heads and make people wonder! Only display the digital numbers additionally if needed. I like the idea of using symbols as numbers. I would prefer egyptian hieroglyphs, just because I like them more than mayans 😛


  4. Concept us good but mayan numbers are not represented by these gliphs. If you want this watch to truly represent maya’s numbers please use the real gliphs for numbers, they are easy to represent. Do a search on the net.


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