Nine Blocks LED Watch

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This is a watch concept where all four numbers of the time display are lit up one after the other.  The center field is a button that when pressed lights up all fields in an animation before the blocks to tell time are lit up.

The four numbers to tell time light up.  Check out the animation to see how easy it is to tell the time.  Zero is the center field in red.  Lights are hidden under a translucent plastic.  The speed for which the LEDs are lit can also be set to slower or faster option.

8 thoughts on “Nine Blocks LED Watch

  1. I like the simplicity and smoothness of this design. You hided the leds but not completely (the little bumps) Looks a bit like a number pad, wich you intended right? 1/10s? I think you could go down to 1/20! I can imagine wearing that to my suit as well as on party. Maybe you make the other fields buttons too. They could be for random flash animations. Then this watch really is a flash watch, like you called it. Top design! Very good sam!


  2. @ Patrick: Merci beaucoup!
    @ Aphosno: Oh yes, adding options for random bling bling is nice! I think 20Hz can still be seen by the human eye, so it is ok for me 😀 Thanks again Aphosno!


  3. Loose the bumps and you´ll get another totally different and much better looking design I for sure would wear if produced


  4. Oh really? I thought, this design is already too tame for the audience. I will try out a bumpless version. Thanks for the info 🙂


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