6×5 Grid LED Watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This watch design is a black ribbon watch with either black or grey raised rubber lines running along its length and width.  These raised rubber lines divide the watch’s surface into a grid of rectangles, the middle 6×5 of which have LEDs that are used to display the time.

The columns in this grid stand for 1-5, from left to right.  The top three rows are used to show the hours, the fourth row shows the tens of minutes, and the bottom two rows show the single minutes.  Just add the lit rectangles to read the time.  For example, 11o’clock has 5 lit in the top row, 5 lit in the second row, and 1 lit in the third row (11=5+5+1).  If there are 9 single minutes in the time, then 5 will be lit in the fifth row and 4 in the bottom row (9=5+4).  Many times it never requires addition, like 3:55 (3 lit in the first row, 5 lit in the fourth row, and 5 lit in the fit row).

The grid of raised rubber lines on the watch face gives the watch a unique appearance, even then the LEDs are all off.

5 thoughts on “6×5 Grid LED Watch

  1. Ok besides the reading (you know my position) I like the artistic appearance of this design. I cannot say, is it too female for me of not? It is actually pretty neutral. I think it would be thicker in real, wich makes it more buyworthy for me. Ok logan, you got me on this. Complicated reading got topped by apperance.


    • Thanks, Aphosno. Yes, it would be thicker in real life, but my illustration skills aren’t so great, so I just left it like this.


  2. If you add some more colors, this watch looks like a paintng of Piet Mondrian 😀 Very cool idea again Logan 😀 I believe I get used to your way of telling time, tehehe.


    • Thanks, Sam. Actually, I submitted a Mondrian-style watch to Tokyoflash, but they didn’t publish it. It used the classic Mondrian colors and told time in base-3 (trinary). Too much math, I guess.


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