Evolved Pimpin Aint Easy Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan describes this watch concept as Pimpin Aint Easy that evolved on an alien world.  The method of reading the time is basically the same with our classic Pimpin Aint Easy watch.  The digits on the left light to show the hours and minutes/5.

The full time is read from the six columns and twelve rows of patterned lights.  The column at the left counts the hours.  The five columns to the right count the minutes.  To read quickly, first note the hours in the left column (adjacent to one of the lit digits), then scan across to the right columns from the minutes/5 digit, counting how many LEDs (1-4) are in the next highest column.

This watch design has a very different aesthetic, but similar method of reading the time with Pimpin Aint Easy and has a great canvas for animation.

10 thoughts on “Evolved Pimpin Aint Easy Watch Design

    • Avatara, I thought you would like the pattern 🙂 Your comment on my previous design about preferring my pattern-based designs got me thinking about other patterns.


  1. Don’t get how to read the minutes? Count a quarter of a circle? The left quarter circle is next to the hour? The designs looks relatively clean but not really getting the theme of this design.


    • Bill, you read it like the Pimpin Aint Easy watch: the “quarter circles” in the left column count the hours and those in the five columns on the right count the minutes. However, you don’t really have to count all the minutes, because the digit lit on the left tells you the minutes/5, so you only have to count at most four minutes above that. In the 9:17 example, 3 is lit because 17/5=3.x, and then there are two extra quarter circles on the row one higher.


  2. Wow nice interpretation! I’m wearing my Pimp right now 🙂 Your version looks more cryptic and very cool. Alien Pimp!


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