Zeroed Time Watch Design

Design submitted by Stefano from Italy.

It’s all about measuring time with just the number zero with this watch design.

There are four zeros on the watch display which shows a 24-hour time format.  The four zeros are divided into fractions necessary to tell the time.  The upper left zero represents hour in tens,  right zero shows hours from 0-9.  Lower left zero shows minutes in tens and right zero shows single minutes.

4 thoughts on “Zeroed Time Watch Design

  1. 2-9-5-9 I like this idea! Cool name, cool display, cool presentation (yellow 🙂 ) Case and straps leave enough space for our imagination, they look ok so far. Good work with potential to become trendy I think.


  2. Very nice idea and beautifully presented. Well done to you Stefano! I don’t know if 4 zero’s on a watch screen is really attractive to me though. Definitely has a fashionable vibe.


  3. If you make yellow and white leds instead of the on/off option, the zeros would look like zeros. Here you have half circles and quarter circles and so on. With the yellow/white idea you would really have 4 zeros and this watch would look cool.


  4. Telling the time with 4 zero! It’s a first!
    Interesting idea! You could have add some colors and material to make it even more sexy I think!


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